COMIC BOOK YETI: Micah, thank you for joining me here in the Yeti Cave. If you have any other jobs other than lettering, what is it you do?

The Disasters, issue #1, Myers/Caba/Casey/Stresing/Exner

MICAH MYERS: I am solely a letterer. The last “real” job I had, working overnight in a group home, ended in 2014 about a year into lettering comics. My wife was almost done with nursing school and I was sometimes working two jobs at a time while she was in school. So when she started working as a nurse, she let me take a stab at making lettering a career and thankfully it worked out.

CBY: What are the comics that influenced you and made you want to work in comics?

MM: I got into comics later than most. I would get comics at the grocery store occasionally growing up, but wasn’t a steady reader until 2007 when I was looking for a hobby. I started reading a lot of DC Comics and became a huge fan of Green Arrow. Some of my favorite comics besides anything with Green Arrow are Justice League International, Suicide Squad, Doom Patrol, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Saga, Giant Days, and so much more. I like too much stuff.

CBY: I’m the same way, I like too much stuff as well. What do you enjoy most about lettering?