COMIC BOOK YETI: Jim, thank you for joining me in the Yeti Cave. If you have any other jobs other than lettering, what is it you do?

Jim Campbell

JIM CAMPBELL: It’s pretty much all lettering, all the time! I occasionally do a bit of logo design, or some production/pre-press work, but it’s usually still comics.

CBY: What are the comics that influenced you and made you want to work in comics?

JC: Like many British people my age, the answer is 2000AD. I discovered American comics in my mid-teens (back when specialist comic shops weren’t a thing over here — titles would appear intermittently and almost at random in newsagents*) but I was determined that I would work in comics from, I don’t know, maybe eleven or twelve.

Back then, I thought I was going to be a writer, or an artist, but I realised that I was too slow at the first, and not good enough at the second, to make a living at it. The thought of being a letterer didn’t enter my head until many years later, when I was working as a graphic designer and realised that a lot of those skills could be brought to bear on lettering comics digitally. *Note for US readers: newsagents are sort of a general store in the UK. Largely, they specialise in newspapers and magazines, as the name would suggest, but also stock drinks, snacks, confectionery and tobacco products. They were everywhere back in the '70s and '80s!

CBY: What do you enjoy most about lettering?