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Comic Book Yeti publishes news, reviews, interviews and more. If you'd like to submit your comic for one or more of these, email us at Let us know if you're submitting for review, interview, or something else. That helps us get the right team on it. Be sure to give us as much lead time as possible to increase the likelihood of your comic's coverage.

If you know us, you know we've got a unique format. We outline what's helpful for us (and other websites!) 
here. Please send as a link to a single .PDF hosted on a site like Dropbox or Google Docs and make certain access is open to others and that it's not too large of a file or we won't be able to host it for our contributors.

Currently, only about 1 in 100 comics gets reviewed, due to how much time goes into a thorough review and how many volunteers we have. 

You can email your comic to


We have interview options that are audio, visual, and/or written. Let us know that you'd be up for an interview and which format you'd prefer. We'll take it from there. Sending us the comic and any supporting promotional materials is helpful.

You can email us to request an interview at



If you're a member of the press or a creator looking to get more eyeballs on your comic or campaign, send us a press release with supporting assets – whatever you can share. Until we have an editor on the News beat, reporting will be sparse. Making sure your press release is easy to copy and paste and your images are easy to download and a good resolution goes a long way toward getting published. 

If this is you, you can use the form below to get in touch with us.


Maybe you have a different idea not represented here. Some creators have written articles related to their comic or crowdfunding campaign. Others wanted to share sketches and other behind-the-scenes content. Some publishers like to reach out and offer exclusive reveals before other websites get the news. Send us your pitch – we're interested!

Use the below form to reach out if none of the above fits the reason for your email.



Thanks for submitting!

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