How To Send Us the Information and Files Needed For Us To Review Your Book!


We want to be able to make your comic look its best. To do this, and to get our reviews out to your potential customers with as much speed and accuracy as we can, we ask that you provide us with as much information upfront as you can. We may still contact you with questions if our reviewers need additional information or clarification, but in general the checklist below covers what we need to have to do a proper Comic Book Yeti-style review.

Our submission form, a link to which is at the bottom of this page, asks for all the information detailed below. You can leave some of the answers blank, but we would appreciate it if you tried to be as complete as possible when submitting a book. Again, the more information we have to work with, the more robust the review will be.

Who will be the primary contact for us if we have questions about the comic or the information on this form?

  • Email address

  • Name


This is basic info about your comic. We need everything in this section to be able to do a review.

  • Title

  • Issue or Volume #

  • Format

  • Genre(s)

  • Publisher

  • Full Name(s) of Copyright Holders

  • On-Sale or Crowdfunding Start Date

  • Is it (or will it be) available in comic shops or retail outlets?

  • If this is available digitally, please provide a link

  • If this is available from the publisher, please provide a link



For each creator on the book, it would help to have the following information. If you are uncertain the type of information to provide, we recommend looking through the "About the Creators" section of some current Comic Book Yeti reviews to get a feel for what we are including here. But think of it like quick hits about what makes each creator and their style unique. Also, don’t just include the writers and artists! Colorists, letterers, and editors, or any other creatives working on the project can and should be included.

  • Name

  • Short biographical notes (1-2 sentences)

  • Social media link(s) (optional)



For a Comic Book Yeti review, we at least need the comic itself. Beyond that, however, it’s helpful to attach the comic’s cover and at least one interior page to showcase the art. You can upload these as part of completing the form, so it's helpful if you have them ready before you start the form.

  • The Comic. This should be in PDF form, and should be under 100 MB. Go here if you need help compressing your PDF.

  • The Cover. This should be a JPG or PNG of no more than 150 KB for display on the review page

  • Up to three interior page images. These should be JPG or PNG, no more than 150 KB each. Our review will likely only use one of these inside images, but you can provide more to give our writers some options.

Have everything you think we'll need? Great!