COMIC BOOK YETI: Buddy, thank you so much for joining me here in the Yeti Cave. If you have any other jobs other than lettering, what is it you do?

Midnight Western Theatre, Scout Comics, issue #1, p. 2, Southard/Hahn/Cody/Beaudoin

BUDDY BEAUDOIN: While I would certainly love to letter full-time, I do have a full-time day job. I work at a store called Parkway Music on the e-commerce team. It’s a cool gig.

CBY: What are the comics that influenced you and made you want to work in comics?

BB: I’m thinking about this and it’s kind of a weird answer, maybe. When I was young, I loved horror comics. Really, anything [Bernie] Wrightson is all I picked up. I stopped reading when I was still fairly young and didn’t get back into comics until my early 20s with Battle Pope by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Somehow, that’s the book that dragged me back in. I was hooked. I knew I wanted to write comics, and so I did. That’s where I started. It wasn’t until I started getting heavy into Jeff Lemire that I really noticed the intricacies of lettering. I owe that to Steve Wands. Thanks, Steve, for shoving me down the rabbit hole.

CBY: Yeah, Steve Wands is great. What do you enjoy most about lettering?

BB: The collaborative nature of it. I get to read scripts from all sorts of talented folks and look at incredible art by people who are just as, if not more, passionate than myself about comics. Being able to be