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Here at Comic Book Yeti we all love telling you about comics, but did you some that some members of the CBY family create comics too? Right now, there are four active Kickstarter campaigns from contributors to our site, spanning a wide variety of themes and genres. We thought we'd give you all a chance to see some of the fantastic things that our team has been working on! (Creator names highlighted in yellow are Comic Book Yeti contributors.)

*EDITOR'S NOTE: Stats are as of the date this was written. However, publishing was delayed for a wider audience.

Writer: Matthew Selle Artists: Nic Izzo, Sebastian Valencia Campaign Ends: June 18th Status: 50% funded PITCH: Power Play is the hottest game show in the country. Each episode puts two of NYC’s many vigilantes head-to-head in a dramatic contest to defeat the latest supervillainous threat – on live TV. Sure, vigilantes aren’t exactly legal, but with ratings this good, who cares? After all, the villains need to be stopped, someone may as well make it entertaining!

WHY SHOULD I BACK IT? Power Play is the best comic in the entire world, there has never and will never be one better. (Please don't look at who wrote this article, I'm definitely not also the writer of this project. How dare you accuse me of such a thing!)

Jokes aside, Power Play is a really fun take on the superhero genre, satirical and self-aware but still full of the elements that make superhero stories great! If you're intrigued by the concept of a TV show being told through a comic book medium, you'll find this book perfect! Also, the art is consistently amazing – it'll blow you away every time.

Writer: Steve Thompson Artist: Noah Halton Campaign Ends: June

Status: 104% funded

PITCH: One day, it just happened: people died and then they were up and about again. People were scared. What did it mean? Then, they got angry. In their trauma, they lashed out at politicians and religion and doctors. Some just accepted it. Why not? The Rejoovs seemed harmless, they would follow you about, silent and pale, or just stand in the places they used to love, looking into the air. This is the world of Don't Let Your Dead Ones Die, a 52-page mystery/thriller one-shot comic about what it might really be like if the dead came back...and more importantly, why.

WHY SHOULD I BACK IT? DLYDOD isn't just a zombie story, not in the traditional sense. In fact, the story is largely told from the perspective of one of these revived humans as she tries to unravel the mystery of her death and rebirth. This book brings a fascinating new concept to a trope that we all know and love, and it's sure to bring some surprise to readers with its many twists and turns.

Writers: Wells Thompson, Dalton Shannon Artists: Fernando Pinto, Mayday Trippe Campaign Ends: June 19th Status: 24% funded

PITCH: Siblings Derek and Leah don’t really have a plan. All they know is that video games are awesome and that you should always look out for your neighbor. When giant mutant insects start terrorizing the neighborhood, they’ll have to get off the couch and do something about it.

Luckily, everything they need just fell out of the sky: the MechaTon glove, a machine that converts anything it punches into a real-life Gundam, whether it’s a hotdog stand or the entire planet. They aren’t the only ones who want to take advantage of this power, though; if they want to save their neighborhood, they’ll have to battle corporations, the military, and actual space fascists.

Here’s hoping they look cool doing it.


MechaTon is all-ages friendly, features a diverse cast of characters (and creators) and, of course, includes some very cool robots. It's a fun and unconventional twist on a mechsuit story, sure to entertain young and old readers alike. Personally, I highly recommended the tier titled "My family's coveted lentil soup recipe." It adds a special reward of...well, one of the writers' special soup recipe, and I have heard it is a very, very good one.

Writer: Kristopher Jerome Artist: Patrick Buermeyer

Editor: Christa Harader Campaign Ends: May 29th Status: 88% funded

PITCH: Discordia issue #1 follows Cole Fischer as he attempts to navigate his life now that prohibition has ended. Going from an outlaw bootlegger to a private detective hasn't been easy. Just when he thinks he has settled into his new role, Cole gets approached by a mysterious woman with a proposition that could send him back out into the dangerous realm of Discordia.

WHY SHOULD I BACK IT? This campaign is not the Discordia team's first rodeo. In fact, this is actually their 4th Kickstarter for books in the same universe! Don't let that stop you from backing this specific campaign, though - the two issues being fundraised for right now are the beginning of a completely new ongoing series, making this the perfect jumping-on point into this world! Of course, for readers wanting to start off with all these creators have to offer, higher tiers of the Discordia Kickstarter will include copies of the previously funded one-shot books.

The image(s) used in this article are from a comic strip, webcomic or the cover or interior of a comic book. The copyright for this image(s) is likely owned by either the publisher of the comic, the writer(s) and/or artist(s) who produced the comic. It is believed that the use of this image(s) qualifies as fair use under the United States copyright law. The image is used in a limited fashion in an educational manner in order to illustrate the points of the author and not for the purpose of entertainment or substituting the original work. It is believed the use of this image has had no impact on the market value of the original work. All characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are trademarks of and copyright of their respective owners. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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