Here at Comic Book Yeti we all love telling you about comics, but did you some that some members of the CBY family create comics too? Right now, there are four active Kickstarter campaigns from contributors to our site, spanning a wide variety of themes and genres. We thought we'd give you all a chance to see some of the fantastic things that our team has been working on! (Creator names highlighted in yellow are Comic Book Yeti contributors.)

*EDITOR'S NOTE: Stats are as of the date this was written. However, publishing was delayed for a wider audience.


Writer: Matthew Selle Artists: Nic Izzo, Sebastian Valencia Campaign Ends: June 18th Status: 50% funded PITCH: Power Play is the hottest game show in the country. Each episode puts two of NYC’s many vigilantes head-to-head in a dramatic contest to defeat the latest supervillainous threat – on live TV. Sure, vigilantes aren’t exactly legal, but with ratings this good, who cares? After all, the villains need to be stopped, someone may as well make it entertaining!

WHY SHOULD I BACK IT? Power Play is the best comic in the entire world, there has never and will never be one better. (Please don't look at who wrote this article, I'm