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Recently, I had the opportunity to be on Voices From The Mausoleum (@FromMausoleum) chatting about all things Conjuring and, as horror fans are apt to do when we get together, we started going down rabbit holes of other tropes and beloved icons of the genre. Upon landing on the topic of werewolves and the lack of captivating media involving the legendary beast, my Webcomic and Manga Editor brain kicked in and started listing off werewolf webcomics that I've had a blast reading. So, on this most holy of days (AKA Werewolf Wednesday), please enjoy this list of some of my favorite werewolf-centered webcomics!

The Hunt by Miss Lucid

1: THE HUNT BY LUCID (@llllucid/@thehuntcomic)

Anyone who knows me knows that The Hunt is one of my top three favorite webcomics of all time. Everything about it from the humor to the art style to the story itself is captivating. Described by creator Lucid as Ghost Adventures meets Teen Wolf, but the ghosts are real and everyone is gay, The Hunt is a permanently open tab on all of my devices. Following the misadventures of two childhood friends - Avery and Rhys - after they reunite in college and decide to go ghost hunting and accidentally stir up an ancient evil, The Hunt is a perfect blend of spooky, sexy, and silly that will keep you coming back week after week to see what comes next.

I absolutely love the werewolf designs in this series, and I love the fact that Rhys isn't the only werewolf in the mix, making it all the more hilarious that poor Avery is completely oblivious to the fact they exist. With ghosts, witches, and zombie security guards, this 18+ only series is a great one for fans of all things supernatural. It was one of my top 3 webcomic must-reads of 2022 and you can check out my full review here.

Time and Time Again by Deo I.

2: TIME AND TIME AGAIN BY DEO I. (@deoidesign)

Another top 3 title from 2022, Time And Time Again became an instant favorite of mine from the moment it debuted. It's got it all; it's got time travel, it's got vampires, it's got werewolves, it's got queer goodness, what more could you need? This history-hopping series follows Adam, a time agent/vampire and Steve, the werewolf he's forced to babysit. This series has won the hearts of WEBTOON readers everywhere with its emotional storytelling, slow building romance, dark mysteries, and exceptional transitioning between time periods. The humor is on-point but doesn't detract from the heart of the story, making it a compelling read that will have you laugh-crying until it hurts (both physically and emotionally).

Steve's transformations are visceral and will pull on your heartstrings, the intensity of his emotions running rampant as he loses control is gut wrenching. It's one of the most captivating and heartbreaking shifts you'll ever see in a werewolf story as it feeds on the emotions of not only Steve himself but you as the reader watching him suffer through his inability to manage the shifts. You can read my full review here.

The House of Lowther by K. Lynn Smith


What's better than the wolfman? How about the wolfman spending time at a rehab alongside the likes of Mothman, Bigfoot, and The Jersey Devil? Welcome to The House of Lowther, a series about a plucky new hire named Sawyer who finds herself employed at a mysterious old estate that acts as a place of respite for wayward cryptids. This beautiful black and white series from prolific comic creator K. Lynn Smith is her first step into the world of webcomics and she's absolutely knocking it out of the park. The retro aesthetics, variety of legendary creatures, and dynamic between Sawyer and Kyeden (the resident wolf man of Lowther) make this one helluva fun read.

Her werewolf is the definition of a bad dog and he knows it, but his phenomenal design and snarky personality make Kyeden a standout contender among favorite werewolf characters out there. The standoffish, almost bratty attitude he has is compelling, and his silence and contemplative expressions make the mystery of his story all the more intriguing. You can read my review of the series (from all the way back when it was a Patreon exclusive!) here.

Blackwater by Jeanette Arroyo and Ren Graham

4: BLACKWATER BY JEANETTE ARROYO (@JaymamonJ) and REN GRAHAM (@rentgraham)

Though Blackwater got the official print edition treatment in the summer of 2022, the series got its start on Tumblr as a traditional webcomic with single page uploads from Arroyo and Graham over the course of several years. This YA series focuses on a popular jock and an immunocompromised loner as they find themselves swept up in the dark secrets of their sleepy Maine town. It features not

only queer rep, but disability and trans rep, too, which is excellent to see in a YA title. Another stunning black and white webcomic, steeped in the familiar hauntings of a shadowy small town makes Blackwater a must read for anyone interested in a low-key but captivating spooky read.

I love the air of mystery behind the lycanthropy in this story. It's a slow-building narrative that ramps up the tension at an excellent pace that will have you hooked from page one. They're intimidating and massive, with a commanding presence every time they appear, and the New England setting is perfect for their hunting grounds. You can read my full review here!

After Dark by Ally Berg

5: AFTER DARK BY ALLY BERG (@allybergundy)

The newest werewolf contender on the scene, After Dark is currently releasing new updates on WEBTOON Originals and is touted as a "story of love, loss, and werewolves", and I was hooked the moment I saw some of Ally's art pop up on my Instagram feed (the one time the algorithm does something right!). This excellent series is stunning and haunting, with an aesthetic that would make the likes of Twin Peaks jealous, and the slow visceral change Drew goes through is absolutely terrifying. If you're looking for a story that'l make your skin crawl, this is it. This webcomic is an excellent atmospheric werewolf story you won't want to miss.

After Dark leans heavily into the slow burn, with a several episode lead up to the big reveal that is intense and harrowing. The spiraling anxiety and sense of dread is brilliant, and the werewolf design is top notch - I definitely suggest following Ally on Insta to see the behind-the-scenes of the werewolf designs/anatomy, it's awesome. This is definitely one for the horror fans and I cannot wait to see what Ally does next with this phenomenal new series. Full review coming soon!


Do YOU have a favorite werewolf webcomic I missed? Let me know and I'll look into covering it! Now that we're officially heading into spooky season, it's a great time to drop some recommendations!

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