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Creator: Deo Iadicicco (@deoidesign)

Publisher: WEBTOON (@webtoonofficial)

Editor: Amani Kabwe

Time and Time Again by Deo I


A scrappy werewolf and a time-traveling vampire must work together to keep the universe from collapsing in this time-hopping, supernatural webcomic.

Think Timeless meets The Wolf Among Us.


(Minor Spoilers)

Adam is a rule following, straight laced vampire who works as a time archivist in the far off year of 23403 (or something). When he’s given a mission that could change the fate of the universe, his initial reluctance is shifted upon seeing who is causing the dangerous deviations. A werewolf is bounding through time, causing mass chaos everywhere he goes, and was most recently spotted in New York in the year 1918. After some brawling and bantering, the duo find themselves tumbling through a rift in time and landing smack dab in the middle of the high seas nearly a hundred years prior.

Steve explains that his powers are uncontrollable and with each full moon he finds himself tumbling through time without control, meaning they’re stuck until the next cycle rolls through. Adam gets stuck babysitting the rambunctious werewolf who shows little care for the severity of the situation, but is unable to finish the job he initially set out to do - eliminate the target and save the timeline. The shared past between them that only one can remember, as well as the chaos that follows Steve with the birth of each new moon, sends this not-so-dynamic duo on a mission through the ages that neither of them are too keen on participating in.


  • Deo’s illustration style is slick, with deep colors and a cast that sports a variety of ethnicities and body types. The action jumps off of the screen with movements that can be felt and the rich color palettes add to the moody aesthetic of the narrative.

  • The story is immensely captivating. Using the common legends of vampires and werewolves, then throwing time travel into the mix, creates a unique storyline that allows well known themes to be used in an expansive way as they utilize their abilities to blend in with the time periods they fall into.

  • Kabwe is a veteran when it comes to editorial work on the platform. Everything flows well and is free of grammatical errors, making the series a smooth and easy read.

  • When it comes to lettering, the speech font is fairly generic but the sound effects, internal dialogue, and external narrative pieces are well designed and enhance the overall story with colors and styles appropriate for their panels. The lettering truly shines through in these aspects.

  • Deo’s masterful range of expressions is highlighted in her character designs. You feel the excitement, as well as the angst and anxiety, coming off of the panels. The emotions the cast experiences are easily understood by the readers, adding a level of empathy that gets you attached to their journey quickly.

  • One of my favorite aspects of this webcomic is the internal thought process of our leading duo. Adam is shown to be calculated and precise when he ponders, with clean and sharp lettering, while Steve's is scratchy and almost erratic, matching the uncertainty and animalistic nature within. It showcases the inner emotions and personalities of the characters in a tangible and powerful way.

  • Ep. 5 sees our duo chatting with their pirate captors and Deo uses differing art styles to showcase “flashback” scenes that perfectly reflect the aesthetics of those telling the stories. It’s a nice little design choice that really enhances the tall tales they tell, making it a memorable chapter.

  • Ep. 13 is a whopping 90 panels and acts as a sort of starting point to the main adventure, setting up the story and establishing the bond between Adam and Steve as they set off on their journey when the next full moon rolls around. It is an incredible episode.

  • Captain Poole, one of the pirates Adam and Steve meets in the first time travel location, has an eyepatch that he lifts up and moves around. It’s a small detail that makes me giggle and showcases the humorous themes of the story.


  • CW: Violence, fantasy action, some frightening imagery, mild language.

  • The font used for the speech, as previously mentioned, feels a bit generic. It doesn’t detract from the story and is a more personal note from myself, but compared to the sound effects and internal dialogue - which shine throughout the series - it feels a little basic. It does, however, read cleanly.

Time and Time Again by Deo I.


This newer series has garnered a loving fanbase in the few short weeks since its release, and for good reason, too! The dynamic characters and action, mixed with the prospect of amazing settings and time travel shenanigans, makes Time and Time Again a compelling read that consistently delivers with each new episode. The shared past between Steve and Adam is shrouded in mystery and adds a compelling pull to the overall narrative, eluding to a deeper storyline just waiting to be discovered.

Adam’s calculated and precise personality, rife with regret and rumination, is perfectly complimented by Steve’s "short king", carefree himbo attitude, making them a dynamic duo that will instantly be at the top of your favorite characters list. Action packed and immensely funny, this delightful series spins a yarn of legendary proportions. Featuring one of my personal favorite panels in all of webcomics, Time and Time Again is a must-read for fans of fantasy, history, classic legends, and queer romance.


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