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  • Why haven't you covered my comic?
    We haven't covered your comic because we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. That's the short answer. We may also be out of volunteers, or maybe you didn't send us everything we need from you, or there wasn't enough time to cover it before your deadline. But we get asked this question so often, we've covered it exhaustively here and here.
  • How much lead time do you need?
    We need as much lead time as possible to cover your comic. Our podcasts are booked out at least two months in advance. Reviewers and interviewers need time to read the comic, do their research and write. Asking us to cover your Kickstarter in the middle of the campaign isn't enough time. Give us at least a month before your deadline.
  • How can I get my comic reviewed?
    Due to a lack of active comic critics, Comic Book Yeti is not currently taking review submissions. To find out how you can make it more likely to get your comic reviewed by other sites, follow the steps laid out here. We worked with several other comics sites and critics to develop this comprehensive list of what is needed from you, the creator.
  • How do I volunteer to be a contributor at CBY?
    Shooting us an email at is your best bet if you want to be a volunteer contributor at Comic Book Yeti. You can also reach out through social media, with varying success.
  • What kind of volunteers are you looking for?
    We're looking for anyone who loves comics so much, they can't help but talking about them. If you saw our funky review format and weren't scared off, we always need reviewers and critics. Interested in interviewing creators? Writing thoughtful comics or comics-adjacent articles? Got a podcast or YouTube series you want to pitch? Reach out. Let's talk.

Have everything you think we'll need? Great!


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