"We All Have Something Terrible Caged Inside Us" - An Interview with BENJAMIN PERCY about WEREWORLD

If you come to Comic Book Yeti, then you likely know Benjamin Percy from his work in comics on books like Green Arrow, James Bond and various X-titles. But he is also a prolific novel writer with several stand-alone books and a series of five in his COMET CYCLE. So it’s only natural to marry the two in his latest project, an illustrated novella: WEREWORLD, which is set to be released digitally on September 14, 2021.

Ben gives the Comic Book Yeti some of his time to talk about his “fur baby.”

COMIC BOOK YETI: I’ve read the press release, and WEREWORLD sounds like a furious slow-burn thriller/horror. Can you tell the readers, in your words, what it is and what was the spark for its inception?

WEREWORLD, cover, NeoText, Percy/Francavilla