Like Her Characters in Her Debut Series, MEGAN HUANG is Heading into Uncharted Territory

Megan Huang is an artist and colorist that has done a variety of work with publishers, including Action Lab, Oni Press, Image and Dark Horse. Now, she's striking out, doing all the work, with her own creator book, Rangers of the Divide. Comic Book Yeti steps out of the heatwave to speak to Megan about being cool, her cool book and her cool colors.

COMIC BOOK YETI: First thing, Megan, how have you been doing this summer in the heat?

Megan Huang

MEGAN HUANG: It’s been okay. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the heat, I just…melt…like the Wicked Witch of the West if it’s like a degree or two over room temp.

CBY: You left the work-for-hire behind and are now four issues into your own book, Rangers of the Divide. Why the switch and how is it going?

MH: Oh, I’m still doing work for hire. I recently did color work for IDW and some covers for them and On