DAVID PEPOSE Has the Heart, the Brains, and the Nerve to Keep Making Wonderful Stories

The O.Z. #1 hit Kickstarter like that twister hit the Gale farmstead, and David Pepose followed it up with the remarkable Scout’s Honor. In the midst of running the Kickstarter campaign for The O.Z. #2, David returned to Comic Book Yeti to talk about his recent comics and what the Yellow Brick Road Warriors can expect from The O.Z. #2.

COMIC BOOK YETI: David, thank you so much for joining me in the Yeti Cave. I think this might be your 5th interview with Comic Book Yeti. We should probably get you some CBY stickers or a CBY t-shirt. I encourage everyone reading this to go back and read all of those other interviews as they’re great, but we’re going to cover some new ground here, specifically The O.Z., and the campaign for issue #2, which launched on Kickstarter on August 16th. Before that though, I wanted to dive into your background a bit. I’m interested in your comic book origin story. Were you always a comic book reader and, if so, what books/characters did you gravitate towards? Did you read comic books consistently throughout your life or did you step away at times and then get back into it?

The O.Z., issue #2, cover, Pepose/Rojas

DAVID PEPOSE: Yep, I’ve been a comics fan for as long as I can remember. My first issue was Amazing Spider-Man #346, the issue before Spider-Man a