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Writer: Rich Douek

Illustrator: Joe Mulvey

Publisher: ComixTribe

Wailing Blade, issue #1, cover, ComixTribe, Douek/Mulvey
Wailing Blade, issue #1, cover, ComixTribe, Douek/Mulvey


A brutal fantasy story with sci-fi elements that absolutely begs for its own heavy metal soundtrack.

It's hard to compare it to anything in particular, but imagine if TRON led to an apocalypse and then a medieval-ish fantasy civilization rose up out of the ashes and found some of that technology.


(Minor Spoilers)

Headtaker wields the Wailing Blade, a weapon made from technology that existed before mankind’s fall from the stars. He works for the evil tyrant who rules the land with an iron fist.

Meanwhile, a band of bandits run by Tychon try to violently take over a piece of ancient machinery that they think may be able to help their lands.

But Tychon’s father, Auros, gets captured, and they must now rescue him before the Headtaker reaches the town to execute him.


  • Wailing Blade is a prime example of a creative team truly working together to create something phenomenal. You can tell by how well the elements work together that this wasn't formed by a creative assembly line.

  • Douek pens threatening enemies and compelling situations and, working together with Joe Mulvey, the Wailing Blade universe feels both dangerous and captivating

  • It took over 2 years to make this comic, and it feels like something of quality, not rushed or half-baked

  • The Wailing Blade itself is reminiscent of Cloud's Buster Sword (from Final Fantasy VII) if it were upgraded by TRON

  • Like any fantasy worth its salt, Wailing Blade opens with a map

  • Putting the credits several pages makes it hit harder and feel cinematic

  • You don't often see color of this quality in indie comics, but Sotomayor & Rivera bring a skilled hand to the pages of Wailing Blade

  • The color palette creates a sickly environment with greens and purples that war with each other – even without context, we get the sense that things aren't going so well in this land

  • Esposito does some of his best work, from using colors and little icons next to captions, to the Wailing Blade's sound effects working in tandem with the art (as shown below), his lettering immerses you in the story

  • If you like your fantasy with a good balance of world-building and action-packed fight scenes, this is absolutely the comic for you


  • Bloody, gory, visceral violence may not be for all readers

  • There's no character yet that feels like the likable hero to identify with or at least get attached to, but it's only the first issue

Wailing Blade, issue #1, page 13, ComixTribe, Douek/Mulvey
Wailing Blade, issue #1, page 13, ComixTribe, Douek/Mulvey


Fantasy and science fiction meet in this bloody, action-packed comic. The world Douek and Mulvey has created is enthralling. Wailing Blade is some of the most promising, ambitious comic book fantasy in years, and this creative team is just getting started.


If you like the writing:

If you like the art:

  • SCAM by Joe Mulvey

  • Beastlands by Curtis Clow & Jo Mi-Gyeong

  • Once Our Land Vol. 2 by Jake Bilbao & Peter Ricq


Rich Douek – Writer

  • Multitalented: Is also an award-winning copywriter in the advertising industry (like Yours Truly, who is also an advertising copywriter and once won an award, but in his high school Theatre class)

  • On the Rise: Between Wailing Blade and his other new title, Road of Bones, I have a feeling Rich Douek has a very bright future writing comics

Joe Mulvey – Artist

  • Multitalented: Is also "VP, Creative" at ComixTribe

  • Regularly posts sketches and artwork on his tumblr

  • Seems to be a big X-Men fan

Chris Sotomayor – Colorist

  • Multitalented: owns and operates SotoColor, a coloring/comics studio in which he finds work for and develops the talents of literally dozens of top-ranked colorists

  • Has a reputation of being the fastest color artist in the business

  • Teaches at/is a faculty member of Comics Experience

Jules Rivera – Colorist

  • Multitalented: Has also worked as a letterer, an inker, and a writer, as well as a defense logistics engineer

  • Inspired by manga

  • Also teaches storyboarding at the college level

Taylor Esposito – Letterer

  • Owns and runs Ghost Glyph Studios, which handles comic book lettering, production/pre-press & general design

  • Dream Team: Also currently working with industry superstars Warren Ellis & Colleen Doran on the Webtoon comic, Finality

  • Multitalented: He is also a second degree black belt in Koei-Kan Karate-Do


Wailing Blade #1 hits shops May 29, 2019. Take the blade and pre-order it NOW!

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