Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Writer: Bob Salley Art: Shawn Daley Publisher: Source Point Press

Ogre, issue #1, cover, self-published, Salley/Daley


A touching, 3-issue fantasy tale about the things that break us apart and those that bring us together.

It feels like a lot of medieval fantasy RPGs (or "Role Playing Games," a genre of video game), especially in the beginning.


(Minor Spoilers)

An ogre is chained to a corpse and kept in a jail cell buried in a castle's dungeon.

An army is right outside, about to invade the castle he and his fellow prisoners are in. As one of the last of his kind, he must decide whether to give up or to join this ragtag band of human prisoners and attempt to survive, even though so many of his people have ben wiped out by humans in the past.

Meanwhile, the spirit of the dead man is speaking to the ogre, unsure of why he can't move on.

What will put this dead man's soul to rest? Can this ogre befriend the same race of people who killed his own people? And can he survive, fleeing from this war he wants no part of, as well as the goblins, soldiers and other monsters intent on killing or capturing him?