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Writer: Neil Gaiman

Art: Andy Kubert

Publisher: Marvel

Marvel 1602 (tpb), cover, Marvel, Gaiman/Kubert


A reimagining/alternate universe version of many of our favorite Marvel characters (and some real-life people who lived during this time) in the year of 1602.


(Minor Spoilers)

Spies, power struggles, political intrigue, and strange, violent weather patterns plague the denizens of this story, which takes place across Europe in the year of 1602 (as you may have been able to guess).

For some reason, superheroes have appeared 400 years earlier than they were supposed to. But that's not the only thing wrong with the universe; unnatural, apocalyptic forces seem to threaten the very fabric of the universe. Our heroes must get to the bottom of these mysteries while also surviving a political climate filled with spies, intrigue and danger.

But not all of them will make it...


  • You don’t need much knowledge about the Marvel Universe before reading this, but some knowledge of Marvel's more popular characters does make seeing the 1602 versions of these characters more fascinating

  • The art is GORGEOUS (see below for an example), drawn by a legend and digitally painted beautifully

  • It's a page-turner written by one of the greatest names in comics and keeps you interested in the big mysteries and smaller squabbles amongst the characters

  • If you're a fan of alternate reality stories, or Medieval/Renaissance tales of spies and intrigue, this is one of the best Marvel has to offer

  • There's a great character balance of X-Men, Avengers and other super teams

  • Todd Klein's lettering has a different kind of word bubble for nearly every character, helping to make sense of this large cast and their conversations in a cool way that makes sense for each character

  • The world building is brilliant, inspiring multiple spin-offs (detailed in the "What Do I Read Next" section below)

  • Even 15 years after this comic was written, it still feels good and fresh and powerful


  • It was written for individual issues, so there's a fair amount of retreading established plot points as a refresher for monthly readers

  • Gaiman can be kind of heavy on the exposition and dialogue for readers who like more action-packed comics with fewer words

  • For context: it was written just after 9/11, so Gaiman wanted to write a story that didn't have elements of war, airplanes, or terrorism. He also wanted something different from his Sandman series. Thus, Marvel 1602 was born.

  • This story is more dramatic than a lot of what Marvel's been publishing lately -- it may not be for everyone

  • If you don't know much about Marvel characters, you may miss out on a few of the allusions to the main Marvel Universe (AKA "The 616")

  • If you do know a lot about Marvel characters, you may be like, "Yeah, yeah, I get it, that's Daredevil"

Marvel 1602 (tpb), page 8, Marvel, Gaiman/Kubert


One thing I love about Marvel are all the alternate universes and how characters are changed and represented and interact within them. This one is created by comics titans and beautifully painted to resemble a post-Renaissance era. I highly recommend reading this short, self-contained graphic novel.


If you like the writing:

  • Marvel 1602: New World/Fantastick Four by David, Pak, Alixe & Tocchini

  • Eternals by Neil Gaiman & John Romita

  • The Sandman, Vol. 1 by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth & Mike Dringenberg

If you like the art:

  • Wolverine: Origin by Jenkins, Quesada, Jemas, Kubert & Isanove

  • Spider-Man 1602 by Jeff Parker & Ramon Rosanas

  • 1602 Witch Hunter Angela by Bennett, Gillen, Hans & Chamberlain


Neil Gaiman – Writer

  • Name Recognition: Incredibly well respected for his achievements in comics, literature & more

  • His comics, novels and books of short stories are wildly popular and several have been adapted for TV & film

  • Married to talented musician Amanda Palmer

Andy Kubert – Illustrator

  • Multitalented: Started his career as a letterer in 1980

  • Prolific: Over his nearly 40 years in the industry, he’s drawn countless issues of comics

  • His father (Joe Kubert) & brother (Adam Kubert) are both comics artists, and his niece (Katie Kubert) is an editor for comics

  • Graduated from, and teaches at, the Kubert School, founded by his father & his wife, Muriel

Richard Isanove – Digital Painter

  • Dream Team: Also worked with Andy Kubert on Wolverine: Origin

  • Multitalented: Has also done comics work with pencils and co-wrote Savage Wolveirne: Wrath with Phil Jimenez

  • Originally from France, he now lives in America and does work for Marvel & DC

Todd Klein – Letterer

  • Award Winner: Since starting out in comics over 40 years ago, he has won many, many awards

  • Has created over 100 of his own fonts


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