COMIC BOOK YETI: Thank you so much for joining me in the Yeti Cave, Nate. If you have any other jobs other than lettering, what is it you do?

Black Hammer Reborn, Dark Horse Comics, issue #2, Lemire/Yarsky/Stewart/Piekos

NATE PIEKOS: I run and create all the typefaces there. That, and lettering, have been my full-time job since about 2003 or so.

CBY: What are the comics that influenced you and made you want to work in comics?

NP: I grew up a “Marvel kid”, but in my late teens, I branched out to DC, Dark Horse, Image, etc., as well. The heyday of my readership landed in that sweet spot of the mid to late '80s…Dark Knight Returns, Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men, Simonson’s Thor…all were coming out when I was obsessed with comics. Helluva time to be a kid.

CBY: What do you enjoy most about lettering?