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Writer: Michael Gordon

Art: Francisco Munoz

Publisher: Scout Comics

Red Winter, issue #3, cover, Scout Comics, Gordon/Munoz
Red Winter, issue #3, cover, Scout Comics, Gordon/Munoz


Red Winter is a crime/mystery about a former American detective and his relationship with Russia's seedy, criminal underbelly.

While it is the story of a dirty cop, there's a family theme and a redemption arc that makes it hard to compare it to any one specific piece of media with similar elements.


(Spoilers for previous issues)

Eli Winter is having a terrible day.

He just got his son stabbed and accidentally started a gang war.

He's got to get the hell out of Moscow. But, before he can do that, he's got to get his son patched up so he can survive the trip.

The clock ticks down as the gang violence heats up in this nonstop action thriller!


  • The devolution into all-out gang war and Winter's own conflict of interest feel so natural, yet inevitable. It makes for a believable, compelling next step in the story.

  • We really see the brutality of the gang war this issue, and it raises the stakes and the tension in the comic. You want Winter and his son to get out of there, and you feel Eli's restlessness and anxiety.

  • The characters all feel distinct from one another. They have their own personalities. Their own motivations. Many have multiple needs at war with each other, creating tension. It's something that's uncommon even for writers who have been in the business for years, and makes Michael Gordon's writing truly stand out.

  • We see how tired Eli is this issue. Munoz & Kalnins expertly depict a close-up of Winter's face, lined with age, bags hanging like bruises under his eyes. You can't help but feel for him.

  • Kalnins's color work is especially impressive this issue: the blue glow of the monitors filling the surveillance van contrasted with the warm yellow of Joseph’s location. The red and yellow page showing the rival gangs getting ready for all-out war. It changes from realistic lighting and color to cinematic to something more, yet it all feels connected, part of a singular style and vision.

  • No crime story is complete without the shady mob doctor, and Red Winter delivers, this issue.


  • As you might expect from a Russian crime comic, there's cursing and violence. Be advised before you consider buying this for any kids.

Red Winter, issue #1, page 8, Scout Comics, Gordon/Munoz
Red Winter, issue #1, page 8, Scout Comics, Gordon/Munoz


Issue #3 is filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat through the entire reading.

But beware! You'll be screaming by the end of the issue, and dying to read the next one.


If you like the writing:

If you like the art:

  • Goth Ghost Girl by BJohn Schlim, Jr., Sergio Quijada, Francisco Munoz & Bernardo Brice

  • Criminal by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

  • Soviet Ghosts by Brentt Harshman & Emilio Utrera


Michael Gordon – Writer & Co-creator

  • Outlander: Lives in Northern Ireland

  • Before being published by Scout Comics, Red Winter was actually a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Francisco Munoz – Art & Co-creator

  • Outlander: Hails from Mexico

  • Responded to an advertisement Michael Gordon put up for an artist on Red Winter. Gordon met him through that, and they decided to work together on this comic.

Rolands Kalnins – Colors & Book Design

  • Music Lover: Is a fan of metal

  • Outlander: Lives in Latvia

  • Is also a power-lifter

Nikki Sherman – Letters

  • Multitalented: Also writes and illustrates comics

  • Judging by her Twitter feed, she's a big fan of horror film and craft beer


Red Winter #3 drops September 25th!

Pre-order it from:

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