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Comic Book Yeti has the scoop on a brand new romantasy webcomic series premiering on Manta (@MantaComics) tomorrow, May 18th! Check out the press release below for all of the need to know details!

Manta Announces Launch of New Original Romantasy Webcomic, High Society, Debuting on May 18th

Seoul, South Korea – May 17,  2024 – Manta (, a leading global platform for premium webcomics and webnovels, today announced the upcoming debut of its new original romance fantasy (romantasy) webcomic, High Society, premiering on May 18, 2024. Produced in-house by Manta Studios and with an original story by Gyeonu, High Society tells the story of a marriage of convenience that takes an unexpected turn and promises a captivating tale that blends humor and romance.

In the world of High Society, Cesare, a young man desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, finds himself in an unlikely partnership with Adele, a spirited shoeshine girl from the slums. Striking a three-month deal, Adele agrees to help Cesare evade matrimony's clutches. However, as Cesare embarks on this unconventional charade, he finds himself increasingly drawn to Adele's sincerity - a stark contrast to the women he's accustomed to. As their paths continue to intertwine, the line between pretense and true connection begins to blur.

With a diverse array of original webcomics spanning genres such as romance, fantasy, action/adventure, and drama, Manta stands as a pioneering force in the webcomic landscape. High Society proudly joins Manta's roster of top-tier titles, including fan-favorites like Under the Oak Tree, I’ve Become a True Villainess, and Betrayal of Dignity

Manta’s extensive and powerful intellectual property portfolio has solidified its position as an IP powerhouse in the industry. Notably, Under the Oak Tree is slated for a print release later this year, while I’ve Become a True Villainess is set to captivate audiences in an audio drama format premiering on June 11.

About Manta:

Manta is the ultimate destination for the best-in-class digital comics and other works of fiction built on proven intellectual property (IP). It is committed to deliver an ever-growing library of serialized comics, all accessible in one simple subscription - rather than the pay-per-episode approach used by others. Manta also offers an extended experience for fans interested in paying a little extra to enrich their storytelling journey with additional content from their favorite stories.


Owned and operated by RIDI Corporation – a premier storytelling powerhouse in Korea, and the country’s first content startup to earn unicorn status – Manta debuted in November 2020. Manta has quickly grown in the global comics industry, becoming the No. 1 comics app on Google Play in regions including the U.S., Mexico, and Spain shortly after launch, with its apps downloaded more than 14 million times as of January 2024.


Part of a global trend, IP that is available on Manta has become a new source of inspiration for other entertainment formats, including adaptations into live action and animated TV series. In addition to original stories developed by Manta Studios, the company also works with third-party IP rights holders to extend existing storytelling into comic form.


The Manta app is free to download on Android and iOS devices in over 175 countries. For more, please visit

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