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Hello, I'm Alycia "Al" Davidson (she/they)! I am the webcomic critic person for Comic Book Yeti! I'm also known on TikTok for my webcomic recommendations. I mostly dabble in BL, as it's my preferred core genre of webcomics, but I'm up for anything with a gripping story and sharp artwork. I'm a fan of the classic black and white style (which just a pop of color) and I thrive on deep character driven stories. If a comic can make me cry out in anguish at a gasp-worthy cliffhanger or sweet moment then I will be satisfied.

I am an aspiring author, currently in the process of writing a massive space opera novel series, as well as a sensory deprivation inspired horror-romance film. I am a massive comic book nerd and I love comics with a ton of character development and long narratives. I grew up reading manga and I have a soft spot for indie comics and manhwa/webtoons. I love urban fantasies, space operas, and slice of life genres.

Al Davidson

Webcomic critic person for the Yeti