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By the Horns, Cover by Jason Muhr, Scout Comics


Writer: Markisan Naso

Illustrator: Jason Muhr

Original Article: By the Horns, Issue #1

  • Issue #2 - By the Horns#2 brims with magic, depth, and emotional resonance. Markisan Naso writes hardcore fantasy driven by characterization. The art team translates the full scale of that deft emotion into their hypnotic illustrations. The opening flashback in this second issue hits hard, poignantly emphasizing how loss and grief motivate Elodie’s lust for revenge. Despite revenge feeling like an overused trope, By the Horns #2 boasts a brash protagonist and inventive magic system that remains engaging for readers. Full of gravitas, sorcerers, and demons, this issue heightens the action well. And what person can resist the affable charm of the cutest character in comics, Gary Panda?

  • Issue #3 - After ending on the heart-pounding highs of victory over the evil wind mage in issue #2, By the Horns #3 slows the pace to allow breathing room for character development. At this point, Elodie’s hero’s journey arc hasn’t veered off in any unexpected directions. However, the addition of floating eyeball Evelyn sprinkles in comic relief while acting as a prime foil for Elodie’s hard-hearted character. The slow pace in By the Horns #3 almost made me miss the action from the first two issues, but the interlude proved necessary in forging relationship dynamics. Readers also learn crucial information about the previously enigmatic unicorns, who remain central to the narrative’s trajectory. By the Horns continues to feel innovative and exciting while boasting breathtaking art and SFX I can’t stop admiring.