Writer: Michael Moreci

Artist: Nathan C. Gooden

Publisher: Vault Comics

BARBARIC #1, cover, Vault, Moreci/Gooden


This is a fantasy-action buddy comedy with its own sense of morality, but plenty of killing.

It’s Conan the Barbarian meets Tango & Cash.


(Minor Spoilers)

Owen the Barbarian had been enjoying his life drinking, fighting, and, well, you know...until he was cursed by 3 witches and forced to do good. Owen is aided in his quest by a sarcastic, talking axe, Axe, who becomes drunk on the blood of those deemed worthy of punishment.

Owen wants to break the curse, but until then, he’s forced to help people in need, like a local woman who’s about to be burned as a witch (who just might be a witch) but also might be trying to save the town from being overrun by monsters.

Will Owen ever break the curse and get back to living that sweet Barbarian life? Can the supposed witch that can pull swords from her tattoos be trusted? Regardless, I hope Axe is thirsty.