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Writer: Tom Peyer

Illustrator: Jamal Igle

Publisher: AHOY Comics

The Wrong Earth: Night and Day, Issue #1, Cover, AHOY Comics, Peyer/Igle


Picking up where AHOY's The Wrong Earth Vol. 1 left off, this first issue is a satirical twist on the multiverse plot lines prevalent in superhero comics. Villainous conduct remains prevalent in parallel realities for the two alternate-dimension heroes to combat, despite being stuck on the wrong Earths.

The story reads as if Adam West's 1966 "Batman" switched places with Christian Bale's Batman in The Dark Knight (2008).


(Minor Spoilers)

Directly following characters and events from the first volume of The Wrong Earth, this issue continues the saga of the campy Dragonflyman from Earth-Alpha and the gritty Dragonfly from Earth-Omega as they fight crime on opposite Earths. After stepping through mirrors in Vol. 1, both Dragonflyman and Dragonfly battle evil along with their alternate-Earth sidekicks, Stinger-Two and Stinger-One, respectively.

The two heroes struggle to successfully relate to their sidekick counterparts in terms of opposing morality. Dragonflyman and Dragonfly deal with identical crises about the tainted water supply on their wrong Earths while searching for passages back home.


  • The team of Peyer, Igle, Castro, Troy, and Steen again execute every detail that made The Wrong Earth spectacular, and emerge with a first issue in this second arc that nearly supersedes its predecessor.

  • The first page gives the stunning illusion of both a mirror and dragonfly wings with breathtakingly flawless panel layout, art, coloring, and lettering. Every element of the first-page recap is captivating.

  • Contrasting colors and character designs are especially enforced to denote both Earths and thematic importance. Stinger-Two's new, eerie costume design feels especially telling of his character arc direction.

  • All the campy, Golden Age dialogue from Dragonflyman and Stinger comedically bolsters every tense fight scene.

  • A few characters from the initial The Wrong Earth run make fresh, re-vamped appearances I did not expect! Perfect shock value throughout.

  • Peyer achieves perfect reveals and character development through the pacing in Night and Day #1.

  • The stakes remain similar to the previous volume, but Peyer ramps up the tension and character dialogue brilliantly in this issue. Specifically, Dragonflyman's internal dissension about morality generates strong empathy and realism.

  • Igle, Castro, and Troy smoothly amplify the dialogue's emotional tension through vibrant, chromatic artistic choices.

  • Contrasting colors between Earth-Alpha and Earth-Omega inhabitants are sumptuous and prompt us to examine the beauty of every panel.

  • Chip's story feels distinctly foreboding by the end of this issue, when considering Chip's Earth-Omega fate.

  • There are countless, jaw-dropping moments in this first issue in relation to both the photorealistic art style, shadows, and the narrative foreshadowing.

  • A lot of dialogue is present on some pages, but Rob Steen allows his perfectly crafted lettering to provide a sublime reading experience.

  • The Plymouth Mob villains play to all my comedy whims. Their costumes and motives capture that signature AHOY humor.

  • The last page attains perfection. I would gladly order a print of that glorious image.

  • As with every AHOY issue, Tom Peyer graces readers with an Editor's Page. Read it, because it's absolutely hilarious in this issue.

  • Also unique to AHOY Comics, the prose pieces and artwork back matter are well worth the read. Mark Russell's sardonic "Miniature Cattle" makes a blessed comeback in this issue.


  • It's really hard to denote any negative attributes for this comic. I suppose one qualm is that I wish I could have seen how or why Stinger-Two got a new costume. The new look is striking.

  • I wanted one more page exploring the dynamic between Dragonflyman and Stinger-Two on Earth-Omega, as they haven't known each other very long.

  • Content Warning: Death. Murder. It's a semi-dark superhero story -- what did you expect?

The Wrong Earth: Night and Day, Issue #1, Page 1, AHOY Comics, Peyer/Igle


The original The Wrong Earth story hit all the marks in terms of satire, art, dialogue, and pure enjoyment, and this first issue gloriously continues this superhero multi-verse story. Not a word is wasted in progressing the plot and expanding upon the evolving arcs of these morally divergent superheroes. Fabulous character designs and color palates crucially delineate between Earth-Alpha and Earth-Omega, making Night and Day #1 a visual feast.

Peyer and Igle keep their cast of key characters small while dishing out some of the funniest villains to revitalize the antagonist character tropes in superhero comics. Night and Day #1 employs satire, clandestine foreshadowing, and scintillating art to explore the dichotomy of two heroes grappling with the reality of existence on the wrong earths.


If you like the writing:

  • Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow by Tom Peyer, Mark Waid, & Tom McCraw

  • Cable/Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza, Mark Brooks, & Patrick Zircher

  • God Hates Astronauts by Ryan Browne

If you like the art:

  • Black by Jamal Igle, Kwanza Osajyefo, & Tim Smith

  • Dragonfly & Dragonflyman by Tom Peyer & Peter Krause

  • Wonder Twins by Mark Russell & Stephen Byrne


Tom Peyer – Writer

  • Was originally a newspaper cartoonist in New York for the Syracuse New Times.

  • Prolific: Has written dozens of comic titles for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics, as well as working as an editor at DC Comics/Vertigo from 1987 to 1993.

  • Created AHOY Comics with friend and frequent collaborator, Hart Seely.

Jamal Igle – Illustrator (@JAMALIGLE)

  • Dream Team: Previously joined Tom Peyer and the AHOY team for The Wrong Earth: Vol. 1.

  • Award Winner: Won an Inkpot Award for outstanding achievement in Comic Art in 2011.

  • Multitalented: Aside from his incredible pencilling, inking, and coloring, he has worked as an editor, a marketing executive, an art director, and a storyboard artist!

Juan Castro – Inker (@juancastroinker)

  • Dream Team: Also worked alongside Tom Peyer and Jamal Igle as the inker for the first arc of The Wrong Earth.

  • Has worked on several DC Comics titles, such as Arrow, Grayson, Batgirl, and more.

  • Outlander: Resides in Tijuana, Mexico. He can be found on Twitter.

Andy Troy – Colorist

  • Dream Team: Yet another member of the original crew that worked on The Wrong Earth. Colored several other AHOY titles, including High Heaven and Second Coming, including the second arc of Second Coming, Only Begotten Son.

  • Prolific: Has colored for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics, with nearly 200 credits listed under his name on the Fandom Marvel Database.

  • Used to play in a metal band called Diamond White.

Rob Steen – Letterer

  • Dream Team: Lettered The Wrong Earth Vol. 1 and is the resident letterer at AHOY Comics. You can’t pick up an AHOY issue without finding his name!

  • Like Peyer, he also lives in New York, where him and his wife own a cat named Minnie.

  • Award Winner: Illustrated a children’s book series called Flanimals, written by Ricky Gervais. They won the Galaxy British Book Award in 2007 for Children’s Book of the Year.


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