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Writers: Wells Thompson & Dalton K. Shannon

Artist: Fernando Pinto

Colorists: Meaghan Casey & Mayday Trippe

Letterer: Nathan Kempf

Publisher: Self-Published

Mechaton, Cover by Fernando Pinto, Meaghan Casey, and Mayday Trippe, Self-Published


A mech action-comedy about a brother and sister stumbling across an alien power glove and using it to fight giant insect monsters.

Mechaton is a quippy slice-of-life comedy akin to Juno but supercharged with giant cockroaches and mechs.


(Minor Spoilers)

Derek and Leah are your typical siblings going through life delivering pizzas and collecting junk, respectively, when one day, they discover an alien glove falling from the sky! The Mechaton glove is a powerful weapon capable of merging aspects of the environment into a battle mech of awesome power. Soon, after the discovery, their town is visited by a massive cockroach mindlessly wreaking havoc on their neighbors.

With no help in sight, the siblings must operate the mech together and save their town. Will their newfound technology be enough to protect the town? What other monsters await them?


  • Wells Thompson and Dalton K. Shannon's writing is equal parts witty and earnest. Their dedication to depicting Derek and Leah's life prior to finding the Mechaton goes a long way towards making us care about them as characters and wanting to see what adventures they'll go on in future issues.

  • Fernando Pinto feels right at home illustrating the over-the-top science fiction elements and giant monsters that inhabit Mechaton.

  • Meaghan Casey and Mayday Trippe's color palette is appropriately bright, with the Mechaton and the interior of an alien ship being notable standouts.

  • Nathan Kempf's lettering and SFX choices were varied well throughout the story, fitting in with both the action-heavy pages and the slice-of-life moments.

  • The banter between Derek and Leah is so endearing. They feel like a genuine brother/sister duo!

  • Having the Giant Cockroach's lettering balloons look like a QR code felt appropriately alien.

  • There's a moment where Derek helps one of his neighbors, who's going through a rough patch, that's genuinely heartfelt.

  • Pinto's expressive artwork is used to great effect for key dramatic and comedic moments.

  • The mech fight at the end is absurd in all the right ways with the Mechaton using condiment blasters to fight off a giant cockroach.


  • The appearance of the giant cockroach could have used some more build-up to its eventual reveal.

  • Leah forcing Derek to wear an alien that also had a convenient USB port for her phone was pretty out there even for a story with a lighthearted tone.

  • Occasionally there's a moment of sibling banter that falls flat and comes across as trying too hard to land a comedic beat.

Mechaton, Interior Pages by Pinto/Casey/Trippe/Kempf, Self-Published


MechaTon more than delivers its promise of thrilling mech action and unique weaponry, but where the story truly shines is with the interplay between Derek and Leah. Their characterizations bounce off each other with ease and contribute to the bulk of the issue's laughs.

Even though the arrival of the giant cockroach could have used more build-up, MechaTon proved to be a strong issue 1 thanks to its lighthearted tone, strong co-leads, and a dash of heart to ground its characters.

If you're craving more humorous mech adventure comics then give MechaTon a try.


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