Writer: Jeremy Holt

Illustrator & Colorist: George Schall

Letterer: Adam Wollet

Publisher: Image Comics

Made in Korea, Issue #3 Cover by George Schall, Image Comics


A sci-fi coming-of-age drama about a Texas family that adopts an artificially intelligent robotic child from South Korea.

Made In Korea combines the dark, twisted smarts of Alex Garland’s Ex Machina with the empathetic heart of Steven Spielberg’s A.I. to explore identity, assimilation, and the joys and fears of sophisticated, hyper-real technology.


(Minor Spoilers)

Engineer Kim Dong Chul has cracked the equation for self-aware, robotic consciousness at his desk at Wook-Jin Industries in Seoul, South Korea. Rather than inform his employer, makers of child-like robots for families, Chul hides his life-changing discovery in a lone robot—one he facilitates the purchase of to the Evans family in Conroe, Texas.

After unboxing the proxy, Jesse, the Evans quickly discover she’s unlike any models they’ve ever seen. Jesse's not just there to fulfill their needs as new parents—she has her own mind and it has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Jesse isn’t happy to just stay at home: she wants to go to school, socialize and be a real kid. But how does a robotic child with just days of life experience fit in with a bunch of high schoolers? How does she make friends? What if she falls in with the wrong crowd? Could she be a danger to herself or others?