Writer/Illustrator: A. Rasen (@rasencomics)

Editors: Paul Jun, Gray Alakotila

Assistants: Gray Alakotila, Ivan L. Negrell, Dr. Closure, Isabella Am, Ivana Nedic, Ichsan Ansori, and Diana Mecolini

Publisher: WebToon

GremoryLand Cover by A. Rasen


GremoryLand is a thrilling take on classic teen-slashers that is dripping with terror and tension, as a murderous theme park aims to turn a day of fun into a one-way trip.

Think Saw meets Hell Fest (with a spark of R. L. Stine aesthetic for good measure).


(Minor Spoilers)

When an influencer is invited to a new theme park called GremoryLand, she brings her friends along for a day of thrills and excitement. The park is quick to reveal its true nature, though, as the rides’ dark themes, blood-covered walls, and murderous mascots aim to make their lives a living hell. Each attraction proves itself more deadly than the last and the group quickly realizes the only way out of the park is to go through it.

Automatons with pistols, impossible mazes, and a creepy marionette are just the tip of the iceberg as GremoryLand aims to unravel their sanity and end their lives in the most gruesome ways possible. There’s no escaping your past in this dark, psychological horror.