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GlobalComixStrives to Strengthen the Comics Industry in 2023


Let’s come out and say it. GlobalComix could not do this without everyone contributing to the rising tide. Since Q2 of 2022, thousands of creators and publishers have joined—from independents to industry luminaries like Top Cow, Valiant, John Carpenter’s Storm King Comics, and many others—and released over 16,000 new books.

The community makes GlobalComix.

GlobalComix continues to express gratitude for its robust and growing community of storytellers and artists, and is honored to be the digital home for so many creators. The mass influx of readership bridged the digital collector market gap, and gave both creators and publishers an avenue outside of digital viewing to increase their dedicated fan bases and return.


In 2022, GlobalComix built more inroads into the comics industry, with a 200% increase in partnerships with top publishers and now moving into YA with Mad Cave Studios acquisition of Papercutz. Mark London, CEO of Mad Cave Studios said:

“It has been a pleasure working with GlobalComix. It has been refreshing to work with a group of people who see comics the way we do. Their platform has helped bring new eyes to our latest titles, but has also helped to grow a new readership with older titles that we never expected. I expect to see them make even bigger waves in the industry the longer they continue to value integrity over anything else.”

GlobalComix also has helped creators increase visibility of Kickstarter campaigns, such as with UK-based publisher TPub, and their creator Raymond Tyler said: “My experience with GlobalComix has been nothing but positive. I’ve got to meet so many wonderful community members, comic readers and comic creators. My successful Kickstarter for the print copy of Amputation Capital is owed to their comics community.”


Alongside this amazing slate of publisher rollouts, creator success has snowballed in so many positive ways. Thousands of webcomic and indie creators are discovering the easy-to-use publishing tools available on GlobalComix. Best of all, viral hits continue to bring in millions of page reads through indie creators like Escremii Verse, MousyLou, and Sparklearts with content from over 75% of creators and publishers being read every month. In total, there’s been a 327% growth in creator involvement since 2022.

Comics creator MousyLou said: "For the past nine years, I've been working on my graphic novel using multiple comic platforms in the hope of finding a place where it would be seen and appreciated. I was about to give up, making 2023 my last attempt until I heard of GlobalComix and decided to give it a go. I never would have imagined that in only a few months my comic's popularity would skyrocket this much all thanks to their team's advice and encouragement. This platform reignited my passion for making comics and I wish during this year for more people to get to know such a feeling too.”

They’re nowhere near done. Subscriber numbers are on the rise, alongside constant innovation and stretching the boundaries of what is possible. The team has enabled all kinds of stories to flourish by targeting an audience from around the globe. Looking ahead, the GlobalComix app will land in early spring, offering an easy and affordable way to access a rich catalog of all styles of comics, from a diverse creator database and unprecedented personalization features to tailor user experience.


With the launch of GC Press Print-on-Demand later this year, the GlobalComix partnership with Ox Eye Media will open up global drop shipping sales and personalization of comics on a scale never-before-seen. They give a fig. With 312% growth in registered accounts and 336% increase in pages read, GlobalComix continues to express gratitude for its robust and growing community of storytellers and artists, and is honored to be the digital home for so many creators.

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