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CBY ADVANCE PREVIEW: Neon Spring, Issue #0: This Car Neutralizes Douchebags – Live on Kickstarter!

Kickstart an all-new Cyberpunk Sci-fi series that is utterly unforgettable!

There’s a car going around taking brains. And where one crazy concept stemmed from a single joke, you’ll find curator of Studio Cinco and ultra-modern comics writer and artist, Ian Cinco. Now live on Kickstarter, Neon Spring, Issue #0: This Car Neutralizes Douchebags, on the surface is a mind-bending, science fiction, cyberpunk series about humans, cyborgs, A.I. and all manner of machines battling for dominance—dive a bit deeper, and explore shifting identities and consciousness nature and machines merging and evolving as one.

Neon Spring, Issue #0: This Car Neutralizes Douchebags introduces the Skull Squad and Mother, a car fitted with a superintelligent A.I., lobotomizing and extracting brains, only to refit them with a device to control the entire body. After a brain-picking mission goes astray, Skull Squad finds Zuzu, an apparent sexbot, to help lure their target into the car. Their attempt to salvage the mission is a success, but Zuzu is not what she seems and with her comes the specter of the Neon Giant. It’s a twisted and epic journey of Master Skull, his daughter Araina, Baby Skull, her infatuation with the mighty robot Zuzu, and Mother’s rise to omnipotence of superintelligence.

Neon Spring began as a joke—two of my friends and I were laughing about L.A. traffic, and somehow I ended up on a rant about a driverless car that lobotomizes people,” said writer and artist Ian Cinco. “As we laughed hysterically at the idea, the time I spent absorbing and fantasizing about creating comics came to mind and this single joke coalesced into one of the most complete visions that’s ever come to me. It took five years and a pandemic to finally clear the runway for this project. Issue #0 is a brief glimpse into a future world where I intend to push science fiction and cyberpunk conventions as well as my own ability to generate mind-melting ideas. You can expect pulp violence, thought-provoking concepts and deep emotional character arcs. I couldn’t be more excited to share this wild ride with the world."

And here's your extra-special PREVIEW of NEON SPRING!

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Wow, Neon Spring Issue 0 sounds absolutely electrifying! The concept of a car that neutralizes douchebags is both captivating and intriguing. I can already feel my adrenaline pumping just thinking about the thrilling adventures and intense action that awaits within the pages of this comic. The fusion of technology and justice is brilliantly depicted, showcasing the creative genius behind this project.

By the way, I love how the creators incorporated an auto parts store into the narrative. It's a clever way to introduce the protagonist's resourcefulness and add a touch of authenticity to the story. It's little details like these that make Neon Spring Issue 0 stand out from the crowd.

As I read about the protagonist's journey to bring…

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