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4 COLOR LOW-DOWN: Weekly Comics News 5/8/24

Oh my gosh, I am late! I have had a super busy week of making comics. That has put this in the late house. I am terribly sorry. I have a couple of my favorite people to talk about in the crowdfunding section this week. I know that has been happening a lot. I enjoy a lot of creators work. And its not my fault they all ganged up and launched around the same time. Let's do the news quickly this week. Because I have more deadlines to reach. Sorry no What Would I Buy this week.



Rare twofer. Oni Press is shockingly going all in on EC comic imprint and announcing more titles. EPITAPHS FROM THE ABYSS and CRUEL UNIVERSE. These are anthology books so there are so many creators. Imagine all the big names in comics and they are probably in this book. That's how these things work. They don't bet on new voices often. So if you are old enough to like EC, you will love what Oni has in store for you!

They are in shops July and August!

Did I say publishers don't take chances on newer voices? Gosh I was wrong only one news release later. How embarrassing. Oni Press presents Toxic Summer by Derek Charm! This follows to soon to be life guards dealing with a toxic spill that is going to ruin their dream summer. Woof. Let these kids have their well earned summer!

Please support this on May 1st!


Sorry about the poor image quality, but that is what they sent me. Mad Cave Studio imprint Maverick is putting out OGN Scoop by Richard Ashley Hamilton. This seems to be a mix of investigative journalism, supernatural swampland in Florida and mystery of a parents wrongful arrest. If you like those elements give this a go!

Shop for it This Week!


Dark Horse is bringing Kill All Immortals by Zac Kaplan and Fico Ossio. Hear what they wrote about the book: A thousand years ago, Viking explorer Erik the Red and his four adult children discovered a mysterious source of immortality. In our modern world, they are an enigmatic billionaire family with a powerful banking empire. But when Erik’s only daughter, Frey Asvald, seeks freedom from her family’s influence, she must be prepared to reveal their supernatural secrets and confront her well-trained siblings in a deadly and epic struggle for power. It's a bit over my head, but I know you're a smart person. You'll love this.

Series starts July 10th.


Another poor resolution version of the cover. Idk why. Image Comics has announced that Sacrificers by creators Rick Remender and Max Fiumara is getting a guest artist arc. Have I already covered this book? I feel like I have. If not, the team is bringing on André Lima Araújo for issues 10-12. The press release gives zero mention about what this book is about. So I hope you already know.

Guest artist arrives July 10th.

Look at that! Spawny Kills Every Spawn by John Layman and Rob “Sketchcraft” Duenas. John Layman wrote one of my all time favorite comics, Chew, so I trust this will be a barnburner of fun.

Comes to shops July 1



Well if it isn't my favorite webcomic, Steamroller Man! Creator Matthew Scofield brings the superhero flair of the Tick with the world building of a Justice League International. Steamroller Man is something we don't get enough of in mainstream comics. Unabashedly fun comics. This has already smashed well past its goal in 24 hours and I absolutely know you will love it to if you are reading this. Please give it a try.

The man with a plan Nick Bryan has launched a sweet anthology Courier Z. This is a scifi/crime universe that hits satrically like Judge Dredd meets scifi comedy Red Dwarf. Nick brings an impressive array of artist to realize these stories. I recommend you clicking through and looking at all that preview art.

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