We Get The Scoop on Zoop with Co-Founder & CEO, Jordan Plosky

COMIC BOOK YETI: Can you tell us what is Zoop and why is this platform unique?

JORDAN PLOSKY: Currently, Zoop is an all-in-one platform + suite of services for crowdfunding. That means campaign management, marketing, printing and fulfillment services all in one place.

We also steer away from the tier model, and use a basic cart for shopping and checkout, allowing backers to choose as many different rewards as they’d like, put them in their carts, and checkout. Streamlined and simple.

CBY: Is Zoop focusing on comics?

JP: Yes. Currently, we have focused specifically on comics. It’s been a variety of single issues, graphic novels, hardcovers, webcomics, artists editions, and just about any other format of print you can think of!

CBY: What tools does Zoop provide that support creators?