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Cartoonist: Michelle Gish

We Are Here Forever, cover, Quirk Books, Michelle Gish


An adorable apocalyptic comedy about the intergalactic and earthbound adventures of a purple, pillowy alien species known as Puramus. It's based on Gish's webcomic of the same name.

With its cute, Pusheen-esque aesthetic and droll sense of humor, this whimsical satire rings of Adventure Time and the Moomin comics.


(Minor Spoilers)

The saga of the Puramus unfolds in four parts, each separated from the others by hundreds of years and comprised of several short chapters. The main characters change from part to part, and the Puramus as a species evolve too. They evolve both biologically, sprouting horns at some point, and socially, growing from a loose collection of individuals into tribes with leaders into a robust community with a schooling system. Heck, they even make art.

Don't let the veneer of sophistication persuade you that the Puramus are anything other than brutal, impulsive, and egocentric plushies. You know, like us humans, endearing destroyers of worlds that we are.


  • Gish's lovable Puramus are the main attraction, with their blend of capriciousness, sense of adventure, and overall simplicity striking a harmony of opposites that makes basic actions like eating a flower or digging with a spoon become a punchline.

  • Gish has created well crafted cutie pies who mostly speak in monosyllables and don't get hung up on boring things like death. They're extremely entertaining.

  • The Puramus interact with the post-human world providing social commentary in a lighthearted way; for instance, their fascination with human junk as quest-worthy things of legend pokes fun at the value we so casually assign to material objects.

  • The coloring is flat, friendly, and consistent, using a single palette for most of the book, which mirrors the Puramus' own simplicity.

  • Both Gish's letters and bubbles appear hand-drawn, with varying line weights, slightly irregular shapes, and non-identical letters. This curated chaos contrasts with the trim, tidy frames that are used, which underscores the Puramus' organic playfulness.

  • The sound effects appear hand-drawn and complement Gish's cartoonish style.

  • With no cursing or violence, this comic is appropriate for all ages.

  • Although the stories here connect with Gish's webcomic, it is a stand-alone title that can be enjoyed on its own.

  • For fans of the webcomic, this is new content.


  • If the humor doesn't click with you, you probably won't enjoy the book.

  • There are still gaps in the Puramus saga, which could leave some readers feeling frustrated — although it will probably leave most readers wanting more.

We Are Here Forever, page 15, Quirk Books, Michelle Gish


It'll put chuckles in your belly, while providing deft social commentary at the same time.

The Puramus distill and exemplify some of our most human aspects - for instance, they are ambitious, creative, impulsive, idly destructive, and rational - which provides Gish with a vehicle for social commentary. However, because of the Puramus' all-around cuteness, it can feel like light reading even when it's at its darkest.

Read this book if you're craving a tonic to all the seriousness that can pile up in life, or if you need a reminder of what really matters (hint: it's a skeleton. You'll get it when you read it).


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Michelle Gish — Cartoonist

  • Multitalented: Gish did it all for We Are Here Forever: wrote it, drew it, colored it, and lettered it

  • New Face: Gish has been publishing her webcomic since 2016, but this is her first book


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