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Writer: Matt Garvey

Illustrator: John McFarlane

Publisher: Self-published

Untitled Generic Space Comedy, issue #1, cover, self-published, Garvey/McFarlane, cover by Rob Guillory
Untitled Generic Space Comedy, issue #1, cover, self-published, Garvey/McFarlane, cover by Rob Guillory


A sci-fi space opera comedy centered around two friends.

It definitely has a Clerks-y feel to it...but in space. Even the wardrobe has a '90s aesthetic.


(Minor Spoilers)

Two intergalactic truckers get themselves into trouble and end up going on an adventure they more or less did not intend or want to embark on.

All throughout, there's tons of witty banter, pop culture references, situational comedy and physical humor. In fact, the plot mostly feels like a vehicle to deliver the book's hilarity, which I (for one) am A-OK with!


  • The Star Wars banter in the beginning of the book is very clever. Beyond the humor of the joke itself, it establishes Untitled Generic Space Comedy's tone in the "humorous meta commentary" category while also positioning it in our own universe's future. The spoiler comment a couple pages later humorously breaks the fourth wall while telling us exactly what year this story takes place in.

  • Comedy is tricky – people think different things are funny. But Matt Garvey has packed in so much great content in this one little issue, there's something for everyone. His pop-culture references (mostly Star Wars allusions with some The Shape of Water, The Fly and others thrown in) are A-list. His editor notes make for chuckle-worthy meta-commentary. The build-up to situational comedy events pay off in moments that'll make you cover your mouth and whisper "Oh my God" under your breath. Then, the one-liners will actually make you laugh out loud.

  • Speaking of editors' notes, Garvey's "It's always a federation" comment is a sly-yet-humorous way of showing how well he and his fellow creators know the genre in a way that readers instantly "get" and can agree with.

  • John McFarlane brings the physical humor to the comic with fantastic splash pages and brawls scenes with so much to take in, it's like a space opera Where's Waldo book.

  • There are also fun, discoverable elements in the art, like the cyborg Colonel Sanders in the page below. It's like a reward for people who don't just read the dialogue without taking in the art.

  • Scenes are well-lit and Allison Hu's color palette is bright, often shown through greenish or pinkish filters like what you’ve probably seen in other sci-fi space shows and films, but not to the extent that it’s "making a statement." Think the lighting from Firefly, not Serenity.

  • The font chosen looks based on handwriting. It's unique and personal, unpolished with a purpose. When combined with the big-rig-filled-with-fast-food-trash version of a space ship, it definitely establishes the tone of the book immediately.


  • Some cursing makes it not the best read for kids

  • Font size can be a little hard to read on phones

Untitled Generic Space Comedy, issue #1, page 4, self-published, Garvey/McFarlane
Untitled Generic Space Comedy, issue #1, page 4, self-published, Garvey/McFarlane


Untitled Generic Space Comedy is a humorous space opera that fulfills all of its title's promises and more.

In fact, it's hilarious, and clear proof that Matt Garvey is as talented at writing comedy as he is writing every other genre.

Filled with pop culture references spoken by two slackers who get in way over their heads, any fan of Kevin Smith or space comedies in general will love this one.


If you like the writing:

  • Prey For Us by Matt Garvey & J Francis Totti

  • Clerks. by Kevin Smith & Jim Mahfood

  • Space-Mullet! by Daniel Warren Johnson

If you like the art:

  • Red Shift Chase by John McFarlane

  • Void Trip by Ryan O'Sullivan & Plaid Klaus

  • Broken Bear by Frankee White & Adam Markiewicz


Matt Garvey – Writer

  • Often puts the first issue of his comics up for free. Keep an eye on his Twitter for when this happens!

  • Most of his comics fall more on the serious side, but this one establishes Matt Garvey as a talented writer of comedy, too.

  • Outlander: Lives in the U.K.

John McFarlane – Artist

  • Is a quite humorous individual and a lover of space and science fiction, so he's the perfect fit for Untitled Generic Space Comedy

  • Multitalented: Is an artist & developer at Outsider Games

  • Outlander: Hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Allison Hu – Colorist

  • Self-defines as "a recluse who likes music and colors stuff"


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