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It's the most wonderful time of the year! With October officially starting tomorrow, there's no better time to add these creepy, haunting, and downright horrifying webcomic and webtoon titles to your to-read list!

1. Literally any title by Carnby Kim on WEBTOON

You'd be hard-pressed to find a regular WEBTOON reader who won't immediately throw out the name Carnby Kim when it comes to traumatizing horror titles. From the critically acclaimed Sweet Home to the horrifying PIGPEN and downright unsettling Bastard, this modern master of horror webtoons* writes in a way that truly gets under your skin.

With realistic and relatable characters, sickeningly grotesque monsters both human and otherworldly, and stories that oftentimes feel all too real, Carnby Kim really knows how to amp up your heart rate and pull you into his worlds with ease. Ranging from supernatural to thriller to psychological horror, Carnby Kim's catalogue has something for everyone. Joined by a collection of talented artists, this renowned writer is a must when you're craving some hardcore horror. You can read my review of Sweet Home here.

2. Any title by A. Rasen (@rasencomics) on WEBTOON

Another rising star in the world of horror webcomics, A. Rasen's uniquely realistic art style and visceral horror cemented him as someone to watch early on in the game. From his debut series Melvina's Therapy to the infamous GremoryLand, Rasen's series continue to amp up the terror with each new story he tells. Always featuring a diverse cast of characters that are empathetic and scarily human, the stories he tells dig deep into our primal fears, oftentimes digging so deep it feels as though you're still stuck long after the app closes.

His current series, Counting Sheep, starts off with one of the most gut-wrenchingly terrifying scenes I've ever witnessed, and refuses to let readers catch their breath from panel to panel. If you're looking for dark, realistic horror this is the creator for you. You can read my review of s1 of GremoryLand here.

3. Bite + Subscribe! by Sarah Graley (@sarahgraleyart) and Stef Purenins (@tinyspells) on Bite + Subscribe

Looking for something a little less stress-inducing? May I offer the adorable bite-sized tales that await you in Bite + Subscribe? This creepy-cute webcomic channels everything that makes the spooky season something we all desperately crave. Taking a look at the everyday moments we cherish so deeply with a fun, supernatural twist, this ongoing series about a couple of vampires and their furbabies is a must when you need a dose of feel-good autumnal vibes.

Following the adventures of Daphne and Rufus as they vlog their day-to-day activities, Bite + Subscribe channels all of the fun of watching your favorite streamer couple with a delightfully fanged-up aesthetic. The first collection of stories is also available now in print so I definitely suggest grabbing a copy to break out anytime that beautiful autumn weather comes calling.

4. Iris Complex by Josh Tierney (@jwtierney) and Caitlin Soliman (@salamispots) on Tapas

It takes a lot to freak me out, but Iris Complex has - on multiple occasions - caused me to drop my phone from the visceral reaction of what popped up on my screen. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Iris Complex is an underrated gem of the horror webcomics scene and you are sorely missing out if you haven't picked this series up yet.

Full of mystery, cinematic slow-burns, disturbing artwork, and an almost unbearable tension, this tale of an amnesiac college student and her mysterious ring of keys continues to deliver with each new chapter that gets released. With its desolate setting and cast of characters deliberately designed to make you distrust them from the get-go, this is one trippy title you won't want to miss. If you want to know more, you can read my review of the series here.

5.The Hunt by Miss Lucid (@llllucid)on The Hunt

And you thought you'd get out of this list without a BL title? Shame on you! I'd be horribly remiss to not include one of my all-time favorite titles, especially seeing as one of the core themes is ghost hunting! This 18+ boys' love webcomic is a fun romp through a sleepy college town rife with disappearances, ancient evils, and creatures of the night is an addicting read that will hook you from moment one. It oozes cozy autumn vibes and the aesthetic of the series is simply to die for.

Following Avery and Rhys' journey in their attempt to prove that ghosts exist, the two old friends must deal with the undead, spooky specters, and worst of all, sexual tension. The vibes absolutely scream BuzzFeed Unsolved meets Teen Wolf and the colorful illustrations are reminiscent of Hocus Pocus, making this eye-candy heavy webcomic a delight to read. If you to know more, you can read my full review here. I also highly suggest Lucid's other series, River St. if you catch up on this one and decide you want more!

6. Svaha: The Sixth Finger by Jae-Hyun Jang on Manta

Based on a film of the same name by up-and-coming, award-winning director Jae-Hyun Jang, this eerie thriller is reminiscent of the film Zodiac and features the same eerie tones. If you're looking for a story steeped in realism with a dash of folklore and supernatural scares, one that leans more into the thriller side, this Manta exclusive is perfect for a rainy afternoon binge-read.

Sitting at a nice 27 chapters, this creepy tale of a killer cult, a money-hungry pastor, and a string of disappearing children feels like diving into a true crime series. The artwork is chilling and the themes of religion ground it to a sense of reality that only makes the terrifying narrative all the more intense.

7. Fangs by Sarah Andersen (@SarahCAndersen) on Tapas

Another series that falls more in the creepy-cute category, this iconic webcomic series from award-winning creator Sarah Andersen is a great comfort read you can return to again and again for years to come without ever running the risk of being bored. Elise and Jimmy channel heavy Morticia and Gomez vibes and give off serious relationship goals, making each of their adventures immediately memorable.

Told in bite-sized stories, their romance is comedic and each new day brings new drama and experiences. They dance under the moonlight, take dramatic walks through the graveyards, and fill their days with morbid humor. This delightfully dark, supernatural slice-of-life comic is delightfully charming and twisted in all the right ways. It is also available in a beautiful print edition from Andrews-McMeel. You can read my review of Fangs here!

8. Lies Within by Lacey (@byelacey) on Lies Within

To cap things off, I had to feature another reoccurring title here on the Top Webcomics list - Lies Within. This urban fantasy features plenty of horror elements to keep readers satisfied without leaning too heavily into the raw scares. Featuring a diverse cast of characters, an eye-catching illustration style, and a focus on the human side of the monsters we all know and love, Lies Within is a beautiful black and white series that isn't afraid to pull punches.

Following a directionless bum named Lysander as he's thrust into the world of the supernatural after a break-in goes terribly wrong at his place, this mature, dark, and gritty webcomic series is captivating and addicting. With bright pops of red strewn throughout the dark landscapes and disturbing things hiding around every corner, this is a great title for casual horror fans who love the monsters more than the morbidity. You can read my review of the series here!

*webtoon is the term used for scrolling digital comics from South Korea, not to be confused with WEBTOON, the app.


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