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Top 5 Kickstarters to Back in December

Welcome back to Comic Book Yeti! I am your host, Jake West from Comics Academy.

Missed last week's list? Here're the basics:

  • Full Disclosure: Each entry on the list was decided by my own personal tastes.

  • If you are new to Kickstarter and how it works, you can read this:

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Description: Priya continues her adventures with her flying tiger, Sahas. She returns home and discovers all the young women have disappeared in her rural village including her sister, Laxmi. She discovers they were taken to an underground brothel city called Rahu, which is ruled by a demon who gets his power through fear and entrapment of women. Support our Kickstarter campaign and get a beautifully printed copy of PRIYA AND THE LOST GIRLS, and other rewards. Augmented reality is a major part of our comic book, and by scanning the comic book with the free augmented reality APP,  you can view animation, real-life stories, and other interactive elements pop-out of the pages.

In addition, your support will allow us to print a Hindi version for distribution in schools and community centers in India through our partner, Apne Aap Women Worldwide, an NGO that works to end sex trafficking, while simultaneously working with the United Nations to devise better policies for the poor and young often neglected by society.


Stela Publishing Studio

Description: Lumi White: Snow White's Untold Love Story is a graphic novel collection of our best seller webcomic series on Stela. For the first time ever, we are bringing this bestseller LGBT Snow White comic series into print!  

The untold love story that Snow White should have been.

When we first worked on Lumi White, our initial idea was to do a retelling of Snow White focusing on the romance portion of the story. The more we worked on it, the more we asked ourselves; Why would a prince that has never seen Snow White suddenly fall deeply in love for her? Was it love, or was it lust? That pursuit of true love led us down a path to a relationship that begins long before the horrible events in Snow White.

A relationship that started off through an unlikely friendship between two different individuals: A princess eager to prove her worth as a fighter and a noble's daughter that was so kind she could speak to animals in the forest. That relationship did not sit well with the evil queen as she watch her daughter slip away through the magic mirror. 

(W/A) Natsuko Ishitsuyo

Description: Even if the rest of the world is slow to get on board, the girls in these stories aren’t wrong: they’re special and they know it. Whether they’re making point cards for their love hotel clients or studying curses at trade school, they’ll do whatever it takes to make their own way forward.

From a magician who runs a small business seeking blessings from the universe to a cooler-than-thou high schooler who learns the pleasures of sex after a random encounter in the adult side of the video store, these women are in control of their desires, and those desires just happen to include each other. An unflinching look at modern women's sexuality.

(W) George Lennox (A) Russel Mark Olson Description: Well, it’s L.A. and everyone knows it’s seedy, everyone knows the police are corrupt and everyone knows that the bright neon lights can barely hide the dark undercurrent of organized crime. But ‘Little Katie’ was scraping by – being a Private Investigator is better money than waiting tables at a casino and she’s had hefty medical bills to pay. Sure, there are some risks, but Kate’s made her bread and butter by honey-trapping rich dudes who are cheating on their wives – not really that risky and certainly, it’s skirting around the law and what amounts to the L.A. mafia. Not so this time.

The easy money and (very) well-paid assignment that her agency took on in the first issue, quickly changed from routine to incredibly dangerous. In this issue, Kate becomes a different person, Lady Hollywood – she’s angry and, not only that, she’s no longer willing to accept the dark undercurrents of her home city. She acquires a disguise and that comes with guns and spurs – she means business. Business she never thought she would be involved in. But she scarcely realizes she’s now killing people – she’s in over her head, surely, and her moral compass has begun to waver.

And just who is Mr. Fabulous? Why does he have such an interest in ‘Little Katie’ and why does he keep calling her ‘Little Katie’ – is it to mock, or is something else at play?

(W) Fraser Campbell (A) Iain Laurie (Col.) David B. Cooper (L) Colin Bell

Description: Hans is a novelist, struggling to complete his latest work. His sister Retha is looking to reassess her life after the end of a long-term relationship. Seeking space and perspective, they travel to the forest and the old cabin they used to vacation in as children. However once there, things quickly take a sinister turn. Hans finds passages in his book he has no memory of writing while Retha becomes increasingly drawn to a mysterious presence in the woods. As time passes, their behavior becomes erratic as both siblings appear unable to escape their own stifling obsessions. What is causing these odd transformations? Is it the isolation? Or has the forest drawn them back for a reason?

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