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Indie and self-published comics are in a bit of a renaissance right now as the major comics powerhouses are on the decline and tools for independent creators are becoming much more plentiful and accessible. As a result, comic readers can find whatever niche comic they want to read just by going to Kickstarter and pitching in a few bucks to whatever suits their fancy.

But, with over 10,000 projects* running at any given point in time, how does the average reader find the right Kickstarter to support? Hopefully, this article will help narrow things down, starting with...

Hunt for the Solavore, art by Lane Lloyd

Writer: Grant DeArmitt

Artist: Lane Lloyd

Campaign ends: March 31st

Status: 50% funded


Like a vampire needs blood, so the ancient evil known as the Solavore needs the energy of a sun. Absent for centuries from the far-off galaxy of the Morrigen people, the Solavore had disappeared into the realm of myth. But now, with one of their solar systems facing a cosmic loss, the Morrigen are learning that the Solavore is not only real...but hungry.


With a unique art design and world-bending premise, Hunt for the Solavore promises a cosmic monster hunt to rival Marvel's Thor. Backers are also getting a real bang for their buck with a standard donation, gaining access to a 44-page completed story. Though it leans on the side of the cartoony, the art is energetic and charming with a setting full of possibilities to play around in. If you like a good space romp, consider funding this zany piece.

Editor: Paul Carrol

Campaign ends: March 27th

Status: Fully funded


Turning Roads takes a science fiction and modern fantasy approach toward retelling familiar stories. 18 short comics from Irish and international creators both new to the scene and well-seasoned address legends including the banshee, the headless horseman, Tír na nÓg, and the Children of Lír.


While anthologies can be a bit of a mixed bag, a well-themed anthology can bring the best out of contributing artists and writers alike. The Irish folklore background of the editor and creators of the book promises a deep dive into beloved legends and cultural milestones that the curious reader will love. If you've ever wondered about your mysterious Irish heritage (or could just use some folklore that isn't Greek, Roman or Norse for once), this intriguing anthology might be for you.

The Dancer, Alternate cover by Saw Nai Mon

Writer: Kathryn Calamia

Artist: Saw Nai Mon

Campaign ends: April 14th

Status: 60% funded


They Call Her...The Dancer is a story that focuses on the beauty and brutality of dance and martial arts, delving into the morally gray psyche of a professional dancer and assassin.


For just $5, backers are treated to 10 digital-first issues, not just the comic being funded, so that's an incredible reason right there. The comic itself is well-paced and unafraid to go to extremes to explore its central themes of perfectionism and duality. It's a good start to a great idea from a likable creator with a lot of perks for supporting. What's not to love?

Writer: L.A. Chavez

Artist: Taylor Keith

Campaign ends: April 8th

Status: 60% funded


What if hunting became the biggest sport and television event in the world? In a world where most animals have been hunted to extinction, technology now allows people to create whatever monster they want for their bloody entertainment. Hunters from all over the world rise to the challenge to earn a spot in the world finals of The Preserve!


The creature and character design of this book is impeccable, the pages are atmospheric and evocative, and the art is sleek and expressive. The entire team comes together to expertly realize its super cool concept with style and the professionalism of a project backed by a large indie house. Any other month, it'd be at the top of my list; this month, however, it narrowly gets beat out by...

The Twin Blades, cover by Julio Suarez

Writer: Jarred Luján

Artist: Julio Suarez

Campaign ends: April 13th

Status: 70% funded


A 44-page action comic that blends sci-fi and Aztec mythology into a story about family, believing in yourself, and magical swords.


Combine everything I loved about the previous four entries and apply them to The Twin Blades. It's a sci-fi deep dive into Aztec mythology with gorgeous art and character design and a color palette that just won't quit. The authenticity afforded to this story by its completely latine creative team makes for a comic experience unlike anything else you'll find on Kickstarter...for now.

*DISCLAIMER: Comics are selected from a very large pool of projects, some sent to us for review, some come across on the site itself. We tend to favor first issue comics by indie creators that haven't already hit their campaign goals 5 times over, so keep that in mind. While we feel this list is representative of projects most worth the time and money of a comic reader, it is by no means exhaustive and there are many, MANY more projects that you can and should explore on Kickstarter.

–Wells Thompson, Content Editor

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