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Spell casting, supernatural shenanigans, season premiers and finales galore in this week's top webcomics list as we finally head into the spooky season!

1. Semantic Error by J. Soori and Angy on Manta (@MantaComics)

Boys love fans rejoice! The beloved BL webtoon* title Semantic Error has returned for season 3 over on Manta and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait! The kind folks at Manta kindly let me read the first five episodes of the new season in advance just so I can tell you how good it is, and I cannot tell you to jump on this series fast enough.

Sangwoo is a computer science major who worships precision, efficiency, and accuracy. His calculated routine is about to be disturbed when a stubborn error named Jaeyoung suddenly enters his perfectly planned life with the intention of stirring up trouble. Jaeyoung is determined to get Sangwoo to like him, but his playful pestering soon turns troublesome as the popular, handsome playboy begins to fall in love with the robotic Sangwoo. Sangwoo is deeply disturbed at the sudden realization that this isn't just an error, it's love, and he's wholly unprepared to handle it.

Season 3 starts off with a heated new rivalry for Sangwoo's attention, a long-awaited first date, and some very steamy moments. The first two seasons have built up to this excellent batch of opening episodes and this new arc is shaping up to be an excellent one. Needless to say, you'll want to head on over to Manta this weekend and jump on this series!

2. A Spell for a Smith by Michelle Leffler (@ArtSasquatch) on WEBTOON (@webtoonofficial)

This delightful slice-of-life fantasy webcomic debuted over the weekend (on the creator's birthday, no less!) and I must say it is one of the most charming things I have read in recent memory. The beautiful earthen color palettes and classic fantasy attributes immediately caught my attention and I simply had to tell you all to go read it! The first three eps. are up now and their bite-sized length and whimsical style will bring a smile to your face and have you hitting that subscribe button without a beat of hesitation.

Ivy is a witch who lives a reclusive life in the forest, happy to be surrounded by nature and far away from people. Brahm is a quiet, surly dwarf who doesn't take too kindly to the stares and whispers about his appearance, and enjoys spending time at the forge alone with his thoughts. Will these two be able to break down their walls and find a common ground both seem to desperately need? Only time will tell in this new slow-burn WEBTOON Canvas title.

3. Bite + Subscribe! by Sarah Graley (@sarahgraleyart) and Stef Purenins (@tinyspells) on Bite + Subscribe

We are officially in spooky season (no matter what the haters may say) and what better way to spend it than hanging out with some adorable vampire vloggers and their cats?! Earlier this week, Sarah and Stef, creators of the beloved Our Super Adventure, announced that the first year of Bite + Subscribe! had been collected and self-published into an adorable physical edition so, naturally, I had to feature the series on this week's list.

This fun and spooky webcomic series follows Daphne, Rufus, and their fur babies Gromlin and Spaghetti as they vlog their day-to-day antics. The relatable and laugh-out-loud series of mini-adventures highlight the simple joys of everyday life with a fun supernatural twist. Charming, creepy, and cute, Bite + Subscribe channels all of the fun of watching your favorite streamer couple with a delightfully fanged-up aesthetic. This series will quickly become your new favorite autumn addiction and you should definitely go purchase the physical edition if you can!

4. Uncanny Charm by COM on Lezhin (@LezhinComics_US)

This highly underrated supernatural webtoon series wrapped its second season this past Monday with an explosive revelation that changes the course of the story with heavy repercussions. With all of the charm of classic ghost-hunting anime like Shaman King and Yu Yu Hakusho, Uncanny Charm quietly appeared on the Lezhin platform in the summer of 2021 and built up a small but adoring fanbase of both BL fans and casual readers alike.

College student Yoon-jae lives an ordinary life by himself in a small apartment. When a strange man named Beom-jin moves in a floor below him, an abundance of ghosts who seem to want Yoon-jae's attention make their presence known. Unbeknownst to him, Yoon-jae accidentally got a mysterious bell with ghost-summoning powers latched around his wrist and is suddenly thrust into the dealings of the underworld. Unable to remove the cursed object on his own, he has to team with his odd neighbor to help exorcise the spirits he accidentally calls upon. The first three eps. are currently free and several more on are sale, so now is a great time to start this series.

*webtoon is the term used for scrolling digital comics from South Korea, not to be confused with WEBTOON, the app.


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