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Boys! Boys! Nothing but boys with this selection of boys' love (and one massively beat up boy on a bicycle) taking the top spots for webcomics you need to read this week!

1. The Hunt by Miss Lucid (@llllucid) on The Hunt

Glorious! Gay! Panic! Part two of The Hunt has been rough for our favorite ghost-hunting college boys with zombies, caskets, and so much sexual tension, all of which have begun to overwhelm poor Avery. Pg. 85 and 86 dropped this week and saw Avery realizing he has walked into the most dangerous place of all - his crush's bedroom. This M-rated webcomic series has quickly become one of my all-time favorites and this level of relatable comedy is one of the many reasons The Hunt is such a gem. For those of you who haven't read it, here's the low-down:

Avery is obsessed with all things paranormal. When his middle school best friend Rhys returns from a study abroad trip in Romania, he decides to drag him along on his quest for finding proof of life after death. Little do either of them know, they've accidentally unleashed a dark and ancient evil in the process. All the while, neither of them can get around to admitting they actually like each other.

You can read my review of the series here and go check out the webcomic on the official site. Or, if you're like me and can't wait patiently, you can jump on Lucid's Patreon and get several advance pages that continue this awkward and adorable exchange between Rhys and Avery. The Hunt updates twice a week on Tues. and Fri. and this upcoming scene is downright hysterical so you'll want to be caught up before next week's drops.

2. Bicycle Boy by Jackarais (@Jackarais) on Bicycle Boy

Bicycle Boy returned from its short between-chapters hiatus last Friday with a stunning cover for chapter nine. Earlier today, the first actual page of the chapter was released and it was well worth the wait. Coming off of an immensely successful first Kickstarter campaign to fund vol.1 of the print edition after eight years of being free to read online, a new wave of readers was introduced to this series and the near four-hundred-page long webcomic shows no signs of slowing down. You can read my review of the series here if you are new to the series. For those unfamiliar, here's a brief synopsis:

Poet is a cyborg who wakes up in a desert surrounded by corpses with no memory of who he is or how he got there. He finds a wobbly bicycle in the sand and starts to make his way through the rough terrain on a mission to discover who he is. Trouble seems to find him wherever he goes, but a kindhearted escort named Machk offers to help him find his way, cementing a bond between them as danger continues to threaten every step of their journey.

3. King's Maker: Triple Crown S2 (Mature Edition) by Haga (@_haga_nom) and Kang Jiyoung (@zcb1346) on TappyToon (@TappyToon)

King's Maker: Triple Crown initially wrapped season two on TappyToon in October of last year and left fans trapped in a long hiatus for the continuation of the series. We were all ecstatic when the M-rated edition of s2 finally dropped over the summer. Releasing three eps. at a time, long-time readers were treated to the extended version of the intense second part of this beloved boys' love webtoon*, now featuring new scenes and steamy moments of romance between the leads. The M-rated version wrapped earlier this week, leaving only the epilogue left before this edition is caught up with the original.

This sequel series to the original King's Maker series follows the newly crowned king Wolfgang Goldenleonard as he learns to manage a kingdom with his trusted financial minister and childhood friend Shin Soohyuk by his side. Though the political drama and conspiracies begin to seep into his reign as king, he only seems to be focusing on winning Shin's affections. Rife with action, magic, and royal politics, this series has garnered a loving fanbase and the wrapping of this chapter may possibly bring about another hiatus so now is the perfect time to dive into this series. Both seasons have an all-ages version, too! You can read my review of s1 here.

4. One Small Step by Jung Sunwoo on Lezhin (@LezhinComics_US)

This new coming-of-age webtoon title was featured on the homepage of the Lezhin app on Wednesday. I was immediately hooked and binged through the eight available episodes in one sitting. It's rare for Lezhin to have an all-ages title like this that is immensely wholesome and honest, and the root of the story being based on an unlikely friendship made One Small Step a charming new addition to my weekly line-up.

Jaeha is a shy boy who struggles when it comes to speaking with strangers. Bullied for his stutter and voile of his voice, Jaeha tends to keep to himself whenever possible. When a teacher asks him to drop off some papers to a student who has missed several classes, he discovers that he lives next door to the reclusive classmate. His name is Youngwoo and he's terrified of walking out of his front door, but his loneliness causes him to strike up a conversation with Jaeha, forging a unique friendship in the process. Together, they work to overcome their demons and learn how to take everything one step at a time.

The first four eps. are available to read for free, while the other four can either be purchased with coins or will be available later under Lezhin's WUF (Wait Until Free) campaign. The art style is lovely and the honest look at anxiety and finding ways to manage it on your own terms with someone who understands you is handled immensely well.

*webtoon is the term used for scrolling digital comics from South Korea, not to be confused with WEBTOON, the app.


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