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There's a new comic collective in town and it goes by the name of Monkeybread! Read the press release below and make sure you check out the Kickstarter!


What happens when you fall in love with an apple tree? Which riddles must mermaids answer to save the souls of the drowned? And how does one get rid of a demon possessing an imperial concubine?

The King of the Orchard by Violette Nouvel

Monkeybread Volume 1 is a magical, romantic, spooky collection of short story comics for all audiences. It features 11 artists from France & Quebec and over 120 pages of full colour original art & stories with monsters, lovers and mystery galore.

This is the first publication from Monkeybread Impressions, a comics collective founded in 2023 with over 20 artists to promote and invest in independent francophone creators.

Their editorial policy focuses on creating collaborative comics with 100% original stories for adults, and aims to highlight feminist, LGBTQ+ and other social topics, showcase inspirations from different cultures with a fantastical twist, and take a stand against AI and NFTs.

Both English & French versions of the book, paperpack and pdf/cbr, will be available on Kickstarter until 26 october 2023.

Artist line up for Monkeybread Volume 1: Adeline Fleuve (author), Violette Nouvel, Manon Cansell, Eloïse Girard, Loan Navet, Lou Choquette, Ludmilacerafoce, Supermesange, ttorubie, Andry Rajanamavo, Gaëlle Forgeot.

Blue Love by Ludmilacerafoce

Possible future projects: If this project succeeds, we have volume 2 already in the works and a few long form projects with single author-illustrator partnerships. We also have a couple stories in our back drawer that are waiting for their time in the sun: the follow up to The Little Sheep, one of the bonus stories on Monkeybread Volume 1, which is actually a preview from another book anthology book featuring philosophical animals struggling with the concept of belief.

We also have another romance, this time long form, about two young entrepreneurs of Senegalese and Chinese descent running a dog café in the heart of Paris.

Why people should invest: We're a diverse, queer friendly, feminist publishing collective with a dedication to making comics that emphasize story quality. We have a different creation model that focuses on collaboration. Our artists come together like a giant mecha and together we become Monkeybread. You can read our website which has a recap of our peculiar publishing model and our political baseline:

You can back Monkeybread Vol.1 on Kickstarter until October 26th, 2023! And don't forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with all of the info you need to know about the campaign, the comics, and the creators behind this awesome collective!

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