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The Mushroom Knight Vol 2 announced by Mad Cave Studios

Hot off the press from Mad Cave Studios, The Mushroom Knight Vol 2 was given a release date of November 5th with preorders going live now! You may also remember our fellow Yeti Byron's sitdown with creator Oliver Bly in which they chat about Vol 1!!


Creator - Oliver Bly An adolescent girl named Lem searches the deep dark woods for her missing dog, entangling her destiny with a chivalrous mushroom faerie named Gowlitrot on a mystical quest to protect the biome from catastrophic ruin.

As their friendship develops, Gowlitrot pledges to aid Lem in a quest to discover the fate of her missing dog, but as the search progresses, they uncover perilous betrayals that challenge the foundation of each of their worlds—both inner and outer. The natural world may never appear the same again.

“Sumptuous art, delightful dialogue, and lovable characters.” —Kirkus Reviews

Oliver Bly's words about the project:

“The Fungal Kingdom is one of the largest eukaryotic kingdoms in the phylogenetic tree of life, encompassing an estimated 1.5-7 million species across the boundaries of its enigmatic and mostly uncharted realm. It is from this vast and mighty Kingdom, at the dawn of a new Aeon for humankind, that a tiny Mushroom Knight has emerged into the land of 1990's Philadelphia. And he has a very, very large story to tell. Far too large for just one book.  My heart is radiating with golden beams of brilliant sunlight as we announce The Mushroom Knight, Volume 2, of the continuing adventures of Gowlitrot & Lem. Volume 1 exploded in a puff of spores that found fertile ground in the imagination of its readers. The mycelium is now growing and people are being turned on to something new—and the resounding reply has been "more!"  I am honored to be the bard chosen to answer that call, to tell this particular tale, to scatter these peculiar seeds. And I could not have wished for a better planting-partner than Mad Cave Studios, who continue to be a venerable bastion of wild creativity and boundary-defying graphic art. What Volume 1 planted, Volume 2 will grow.  I will see you at the harvest."

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