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March may have come to an end but the excellent selection of Yen Press (@YenPress) releases that hit the shelves are just waiting to be read - including several highly anticipated titles included in their NYCC acquisition announcements a few months prior!

The Other World's Books Depend on the Bean Counter, Vol. 4


The Other World's Books Depend on The Bean Counter, vol.4 was released on the 19th. It continues the journey of Kondou the accountant's new life in the magical kingdom of Romany after he was summoned by accident during a ritual meant to help save the world from a dangerous miasma. This was a highly anticipated title for me and many other avid readers, especially after the announcement of the light novel version. This BL isekai series has been a blast to read and quickly became one of my favorite boys' love titles in recent years.

Everything from the magic system to the sprawling world and rising tension (both politically and romantically) that grows with each volume makes this an engaging read. The Other World's Books Depend on the Bean Counter is a great series that has high binge and re-read appeal. My only issue is that it leans pretty heavily into the "you're dying so we need to have sex to save your life" trope, which I think muddies the romance a bit, but I've read this series multiple times and it comes highly recommended!


  • Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander The Dungeon, vol.2 is a title I was SO excited to see in my review box. This quirky isekai series tells the tale of a nameless man who meets his end after he bravely sacrifices to save a vending machine. He awakes in a fantasy world, reborn as a vending machine (the thing he loves more than anything), and joins a dungeon-crawling group where he provides them sodas and snacks during their adventures. This series is such a charming spin on the isekai genre and watching a sentient vending machine go to war against monsters is hysterical. Don't sleep on this one.

  • Black Summoner, vol.1 is the manga retelling of the light novel by the same name by Doufu Mayoi that follows Kelvin, a young man who sacrifices his memories while transmigrating from Japan to a magical world to become the world's strongest Summoner. This action-packed dungeon-crawling series is a fun ride and has some excellent battle sequences, great monster designs, and a lot of charm. This will be a fun one to keep an eye on.

Nights With A Cat, vol.3


  • The Essence of Being A Muse, vol.3 is the third and final volume in the heartwarming and inspiring series about an artist who gives up everything and runs away from a controlling home life to pursue her passion for art. The first volume had me in tears with its down to earth vibes, and I absolutely love how the series concluded. This is one you'll want to go into mostly blind, so definitely grab all three volumes if you can find them! This is a great read for fans of titles like Blue Period.

  • Adults' Picture Book (New Edition), vol.1 was one of the titles announced at NYCC last fall and I can see why it was so heavily anticipated! This sweet series about a man who is suddenly given custody of his friend's daughter and asks his new accountant - who he just met - to marry him and help raise Kiki is a whirlwind story about life, found family, and art. It is so sweet, so honest, and so raw. This will definitely be a series I return to time and again when I need a good emotional read with some light humor.

  • Nights With A Cat, vol.3 was the first manga I pulled out of the box when I saw it in the stack. This series is the epitome of slice-of-life and a must read for cat owners. This collection of bite-sized looks at every day life and moments lived with a cat is relatable, adorable, and perfectly illustrated. The light coloring effects in the series makes it a delightful read, too, and every volume is a delight.

  • The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life, vol.1 is a great slice-of-life meets fantasy series that follows a young alchemist who awakens from a state of suspended animation 200 years in the future. Now dreaming of a simple life in the city, Mariela and her companions strive to find a quiet home life while keeping her identity as an alchemist a secret. It's a really chill fantasy series with beautiful artwork and a compelling story. Definitely pick this one up if you're a fan of light adventure titles.

The Uncanny Counter, vol.1


  • The Uncanny Counter, vol.1 is an action-packed new title from Yen Press' IZE Imprint. It has some excellent comedic timing, a really cool illustration style, and a story that fans of Yu Yu Hakusho will love. Following a high schooler named Mun after he's invited to join a group calling themselves COUNTERS, he finds his ordinary life turned upside-down as he spends his after-school hours hunting down rogue spirits. This is such a fun introductory volume to this series and I love the mystery and lighthearted humor at the heart of the story.


  • Classroom for Heroes, vol.1 is a new light novel series that follows the Hero Blade after he defeats the Overlord and loses all of his powers, turning him into a regular student looking to have a simple life after so much adventuring. Blade then joins a school meant to train future Heroes with the hope of becoming a normal student and make friends, but is instead asked to become a teacher! This is a fun read that feels like a mixture of several popular superhero titles like My Hero Academia and One Punch Man with a fantasy (almost Fire Emblem: Three Houses) vibe.

The Tiger Won't Eat The Dragon Yet, vol.1


  • The Tiger Won't Eat The Dragon Yet, vol.1 is another title that was announced at NYCC and has been heavily promoted on Yen Press' socials for months leading up to the release. While it has beautiful artwork and some incredibly lifelike illustrations of a variety of animals, I wasn't a fan of this title. The weird sexual tension between the tiger and dragon (who looks like a ten year old boy) is hella weird and the tiger is portrayed to be a mindless bimbo. Despite the beautiful style and interesting lore, I didn't enjoy my read of it. Still, it may have just been a me thing, as the title has been gaining a lot of traction, so if you like folklore-style stories with action, definitely give it a read, you may enjoy it!

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