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Updated: Jun 9

New year, new Yen Press titles to add to that brand new TBR list you're curating to forget the one you never completed last year! Yen Press is coming in HOT this January with a wide variety of new and returning titles and, as always, I have the deets on the ones you'll want to start your year off with! And, lucky me, I even had some February releases in my box so I'll be giving y'all a real big heads up this time around!


After what felt like an eternity, we're getting the 5th volume of the full color series Play It Cool, Guys which brings a brand new awkward fella to the forefront of the story for everyone to fall head over heels in love with. Do not sleep on this series if you like comedic slice-of-life stories that leave you feeling all sorts of warm fuzzies (with a high re-read appeal, too)! And guess what? This one is releasing on February 6th so now's the time to nab the whole series and get caught up before the next volume hits the shelves! Trust me, it will go fast, I've tried to buy this series for friends/family for b-days and have had consistent trouble finding them because they sell out SO fast once restocked, so grab them if you see them in the wild!


We have some great returning titles on the way, including the second volume of the beautifully haunting The Red Thread, a Thai series about two reincarnated men who have spent their whole lives searching for each other without understanding why, and the tension and romance really starts to heat up in this one!

For the old school manga fans, we have the second volume of the beautiful CLAMP Premium Collection reprint of Tokyo Babylon, and reading it will instantly send you back to the late 90s with that classic shoujo style that made the studio famous (this one releases on the 23rd).

The third and final volume of the manga adaptation of the anime feature film Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is also on the way and it is the perfect way to end this short but sweet slice-of-life series. I cannot recommend this little series enough, and the light novel version is just as lovely, too!


THE TIME HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! The anime adaptation of the global phenomenon Solo Leveling is out and taking the world by storm, so what better way to celebrate this incredible new release by grabbing vol.8 of the webtoon that started it all! As always, the high-quality print edition showcases all of the rich colors, insane action, and fresh translations with some incredibly multi-page spreads that are absolutely jaw dropping and rich in detail. This is one you'll want to grab ASAP when it drops on the 23rd.

We've also got the second volume of the hit paranormal romance series Bloody Sweet, featuring an awkward emo girl and an obsessive vampire that will make the Twihards lose their minds (this one is releasing on February 6th, so you have time to get volume one or read through the first handful of chapters on webtoon platforms like Lezhin to get a sample... a blood sample mwahahaha... I'll leave now).

The third volume of one of my favorite office romcom titles What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? that I devoured so fast is also dropping on the 6th. Let me tell you, the way I squealed and hollered while reading this volume and the anticipation that comes alongside this slow burn romance is enough to cause you to scream out loud when it ends! My friends, you have to read this series, it's so good.

Finally, we've got a brand new print adaptation on the scene of a series that was originally published on WEBTOON called See You in My 19th Life which is morbidly funny and wonderfully illustrated, following a girl with awful luck who has managed to die and get reincarnated seventeen times when we first meet her. This is an extra large volume, too, so you'll definitely get your money's worth. It also releases on the 6th of February!


Only one new arrival to be highlighted this time around but I can definitely say it's one I'll be grabbing all future volumes of! Witch Life in a Micro Room is a charming, whimsical story about two young witches living in modern day Japan that desperately want to rank up so they can make more money for better food and housing. It's a charming take on the popular modern day monster hunting genre we've seen so much of lately, that balances slice-of-life and fantasy elements perfectly! Definitely grab this one!

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