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The Bush Leaguers are Coming to Scout Comics!

Scout Comics' new series tackles baseball, insurance fraud, and political corruption.

During the turn of the century in the city of New York, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms are an embarrassment to the city and owner, Cornelius Vanderklam. When a staff member for the team hatches a plan to burn down the stadium and collect the insurance check, an outsider by the name of Skip Lapwhistle steps in to save the day. Skip tries to recruit a young prospect and change the tide of the team when the police commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt, steps in.

The series is called Bush Leaguers and is coming from Scout Comics July 6th. The team bringing this comic to life include writers Sam Fletcher and Robert McKeon, artist Joe Flood, cover artist Denny Minonne, and editor Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.

"Bush Leaguers is about a group of rebels and outsiders who come together to take on the establishment, and do great things, and so we can’t think of a better home for it than at indie comic publishing great, Scout Comics!" – Robert McKeon

The following preview pages were provided by Scout Comics.

Chris Rundt @FortressChris


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