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TERMINUS VEIL: VOLUME 1, Now Live on Kickstarter!

Who from the guardians will rise to become heroes, and who will backstab their peers for material gain?

Announcing the launch of Terminus Veil: Volume 1, the action/mystery series from Clash Digital Publishing, now live on Kickstarter! Created by comics newcomer, writer Jack Harris Jr., this all new collection includes issues 1 - 4, with art by Jordan Gunderson (The Four Points, Apotheosis: Collapsing World), Delio Diaz, Scott Oakley (Retribution, Valero), Juliano Silva, and Debra “Bee” Rohlfs; colors by Yuliia Shetsova, Frank Alpizar, and Daniele Caramanico (Crucified, The Last WizKids Story Vol.1) ; letters by Boknoy Buhisan.


In the past year there has been a significant rise in theft of cutting edge technology, one private security team is caught in the middle and must find out who is responsible for these violent robberies if they want to keep their clients happy and stay alive.

Follow Guardians International, a private security firm who are thrust into an epic conspiracy involving dangerous robberies, futuristic weaponry and gut wrenching betrayal. The leader of the Guardians, Wei “Quan” Gong is locked into a power struggle with a calculating and cutthroat scientist, Dr. Edward Clarence.


“In 2009 the idea of Terminus Veil came to me while I was writing a rap song,” said Jack Harris Jr. “I’d always loved comics and figured I’d start to build on this story. As years passed, the world of Terminus Veil grew and grew and by 2020 I felt it was time to actually produce the book. I want audiences of all backgrounds to be able to relate with the characters while also being amazed by the dope artwork. I plan to produce the series for the next five years with many issues of the main story as well as some spinoffs.”

For fans of X-Men, Wildcats, and the manga series Ghost In the Shell, Terminus Veil: Volume 1 features 30+ additional pages of complementary content, including character biographies, background story and concept artwork!

Variant covers by Gian Carlo Bernal (Crescent City Monsters, Kisha: Demon Eater), Asiah Fulmore (Amethyst: Princess of Gem World), Xong Bros (Zombie Champ), Chahine Ladjouze (Boom Queens, Soulfire), Marcus Williams (Tuskegee Heirs, Eye Lie Popeye), Asiah Fulmore, and Chahine Ladjouze.

The campaign for Terminus Veil: Volume 1 ends August 9th.

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