Writer: Ben Kahn & Rachel Silverstein

Artist: Sam Beck

Letterer: Jim Campbell

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Title, issue #, page, Publisher, Writer/Artist
Renegade Rule, cover, Dark Horse Comics, Kahn/Silverstein/Beck


An action-packed original graphic novel featuring four friends whose team and personal bonds are tested as they struggle to make - and survive - the finals of Renegade Rule, a VR team arena shooter.

Think e-sports meets The L-Word but actually fun, with fleshed-out characters and lots of heart.


(Minor Spoilers)

Friends and Manhattan Mist teammates Sasha, Tonya, Jessie and Amanda make it to the national championships of Renegade Rule, and they couldn't be happier - kinda.

See, the team has a few kinks to work out when it comes to, well, teamwork. In the real world, Tonya struggles with confidence when it comes to dating cute girls, Sasha mows through the nightlife at pace, Jessie gets cute with an equally cute partner and Amanda happens to be crushing hard on the captain of their rival team, an elite squad who're returning Renegade Rule champions.