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PREVIEW: Azza the Barbed from Scout Comics

Scout Comics' newest series is an epic fantasy tale about redemption and forgiveness.

Azza the Barbed is being added to the ever-growing list of comics being published by Scout Comics this year. This fantasy series will feature our hero, Azza, who was born into a family that has served the Obisidian Guard for generations. This military operation is a unit of holy warriors imbued with a holy glowing power through a long-held ritual. When Azza is put through this ceremony, however, something goes wrong and she is instead given the thorned black marking, putting her into the service of a great evil. She is then given a choice to save the people she loves...or to let them succumb to evil.

"Rio and I are both deeply invested in Azza the Barbed, both the character and the story, and we're thrilled to pair with a publisher that invests in creators' visions. Scout Comics has become one of the most vital pieces of the indie comics industry because of exactly that: putting creativity, [a] passion for storytelling, and unique visions first," said Pat Shand.

The Azza the Barbed ashcan is currently available through Scout Comics, and Lunar Distribution. The series is written by Pat Shand, with art by Rio Burton, and lettering by Jim Campbell. The following preview pages were provided by Scout Comics.

Chris Rundt @FortressChris


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