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New Magic: the Gathering Miniseries

BOOM! Studios has announced that alongside partners Hasbro Inc., and Wizards of the Coast they will expand their Magic: The Gathering comic book line with an all-new, four-issue miniseries. This new series will be called Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker, and will follow the powerful necromancer Liliana Vess as she returns to her home dimension to become a professor at the multiverse's best magic school. While working, Liliana starts to feel the cries of a distant planeswalker. These events bring her in conflict with the Master of Metal, Tezzeret.

Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker will be written by Mairghread Scott (Guardians of the Galaxy, Tranformers) with art by Fabiana Mascolo (Firefly) and letters by Ed Dukeshire. You can expect this new addition to the Magic: The Gathering universe to hit both physical and digital bookshelves in April 2022.

Covers below provided by BOOM! Studios.

by Chris Rundt @FortressChris


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