My Love (of Comics) Must Be a Kind of Blind Love – An Interview with JUSTIN RICHARDS

Jimmy Gaspero is joined by Justin Richards, who swings by the Yeti Cave and takes a seat by the fire to discuss his current Kickstarter*, influential creators, and coffee.

*Since completing this interview, Justin and artist Jimmy Kucaj decided to cancel the Kickstarter campaign. But have no fear, Justin stated that they are going to continue to work on the book, so keep an eye out for I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU on Kickstarter in March 2022!

COMIC BOOK YETI: Justin, thank you so much for joining me here in the Yeti Cave to discuss I Only Have Eyes For You, currently on Kickstarter. We are, unbelievably, nearing two years of a global pandemic. How have you been doing?

Exclusive print by Jimmy Kucaj, colors by Àlex Santaló featuring Linc and The Passenger

JUSTIN RICHARDS: Thanks for asking! I've definitely had my share of pandemic struggles as everyone has, but I've been trying to stay positive and productive as best I can.</