Witches and Wacky Wisdom with Witchblood's Matthew Erman

We had a chance to chat with Matthew Erman of Witchblood recently - thanks Matthew for your time! We covered family inspiration, bringing on stellar co-creators (and conspirators, really) and what it takes to find some happiness in a grim world.

Witchblood #3 is in shops on May 26th, and make sure to follow Matthew, Lisa, Gab, Jim and the fine folks at Vault Comics on Twitter!

The O.Z. cover
Cover by Lisa Sterle

Christa Harader: First off, thank you for your time! How’re you and the family doing right now?

Matthew Erman: Thank you so much for asking. I’m doing really well. There are a lot of things that feel great right now. I’m excited for the next year and getting back to hopefully seeing my friends in comics. Other than that, I’m taking some great medication and that feels good. Depression and anxiety are killers, and when things are going right it’s nice to appreciate that, I suppose. My dog is doing great. I just had a great time in Kentucky with my family, and most of the people I know and love are through with their vaccination shots.