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The surreal fantasy of Studio Ghibli meets the dark twists of Satoshi Kon in two award-winning graphic novels by wunderkind author Jim Bishop

Two surreal tales of life, love, and loss from an extraordinary imagination…

From the Award-winning wunderkind creator Jim Bishop (Nubo, the Cloud Guardian, Jill and Sherlock), comes two tales of heartbreak and adventure: LOST LETTERS and MY DEAR PIERROT, now live on Backerkit!  

For fans of Studio Ghibli and Satoshi Kon, these powerful and unique Award-winning OGNs are presented in English for the very first time, and are available only from Magnetic Press, the industry’s leading graphic novel publisher.



On an idyllic island where humans and fish coexist on land, young Iode (short for Iodine) waits patiently for a letter he has been expecting, one that seems to be perpetually delayed. Suspecting it might have gotten lost, he takes a trip into town to inquire at the post office. Along the way, he meets a spirited hitchhiker entrusted to deliver a mysterious package by the enigmatic underworld syndicate, “The Octopus. ”Their two missions intertwine leading not only to unexpected adventure, but deep personal realizations for both of them... The world is not what it seems, and the simple surreality of their little town may not be everything it seems to be.


Exploring the value of Family and Friendship amidst deep, personal doubts, LOST LETTERS is a deceptively powerful tale of emotional orphans coming to grips with the reality of their surroundings. Set in a surreal fantasy land populated by talking fish, this multi-layered adventure is filled with exciting action, beautiful palettes, startling imagination, and quiet dignity.


Originally released in Europe in 2021, the OGN won multiple awards including the International Manga Awards in Japan, BD Prize,  the France Bleu Comic Award, and the 2022 Orange Comics Prize.



Cléa, a young noblewoman, is groomed for a promising future with Berthier, the son of a Count. It should be a comfortable life, but is that what she truly wants...? Fate introduces her to Pierrot, a charming street magician who sweeps her off her feet and reveals what her sheltered life lacks. Fascinated by Pierrot, Cléa follows him to his hidden treehouse in the woods, where wonders unimaginable unfold. The boundaries of possibility expand before her, but is she really chasing freedom, or is she trapped in Pierrot’s spell...?


What begins as a fairy tale romance turns gradually into a fantasy thriller with dark twists and dangerous repercussions that will keep you turning the pages through to its deadly climax. This is not your typical storybook of whimsical witchcraft -- Jim Bishop deftly manipulates the tropes and reader expectations to explore the delicate line between devotion and independence.


“I am very happy that Lost Letters and My Dear Pierrot have landed on another continent, in fact, ‘Lettres Perdues’ was originally supposed to be called ‘Lost Letters’ in the French version,” said Jim Bishop. “We abandoned the idea, but with the American version, it's like my dream came true. There’s a play on words in the comic that was created in English, and which only really works in English. I wrote it hoping that one day it would be translated, which I will let readers discover!”

“It is always exciting to find a creative gem from abroad, and we found two of them in these books by Jim Bishop,” said Mike Kennedy, Publisher of Magnetic Press. “There’s an unparalleled worldliness to them, mixing a passion for anime with the nostalgia of European drama and the fantastic spectacle of an American blockbuster. Authors like Jim don’t come around often and we’re excited to showcase his first two stunning books in this campaign.” 



Both Lost Letters and My Dear Pierrot are offered in multiple editions including Digital, Premium Softcover, Deluxe Hardcover, and a Limited Edition Slipcased Set. Books may be ordered individually or you can create your own customized bundle by selecting a base Pledge Level and then adding other items as add-ons.  

Campaign ends Friday, March 15th at 8pm EST/5pm PST.


Check out for all the details and even more amazing titles!

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