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After four weeks and over 200+ followers during their pre-launch promotional period, The Color of Always, an LGBTQIA+ comic anthology about love, launches today on Kickstarter. With over 140+ pages of stories developed by over a dozen teams and 30+ creators, the primary mission of the anthology is to preserve stories in print for queer creators and readers, with a secondary mission of normalizing the many incarnations of LGBTQIA+ love to foster empathy and acceptance.

This is comic writer, editor, and anthology curator Brent Fisher’s first crowdfunding endeavor. “I wanted my first project to be an anthology as a means of giving back to a community that has embraced me wholly,” Brent said, who is non-binary and utilizes they/them pronouns. “With fellow comic creators like Fell Hound and Liana Kangas giving me guidance and opportunity, I first wanted to elevate voices alongside me, particularly as an endeavor of LGBTQIA+ representation.” In addition to the anthology itself, there will be additional pledge tiers offering artwork from a myriad of LGBTQIA+ and ally illustrators and creators. “We will have prints from industry dynamos like Skylar Patridge, Philip Sevy, Val Hal Halvorson, and Adam Ferris,” added co-creator Michele Abounader. “In addition, we will have exciting rewards and commissions from esteemed illustrators like Michi, PapurrCat, and Sarah Allen Reed.” “A majority of our creators identify as part of the community and are from all over the world,” added Brent. “In supporting this anthology, you will be directly supporting the efforts - and sharing the stories - of creators that span spectrums of sexuality, gender, and even geography.” You can find the Kickstarter page for The Color of Always at

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