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LAND OF DANGER: Now Live on Kickstarter

With grounded characters and a world of fantastic scope, LAND OF DANGER offers a glimpse into a world of existential crisis—by the creative collective from the Marshall Islands student anti-nuclear movement

When voices are heard, changes are made. Land of Danger is now live on Kickstarter!

This new YA sci-fi detective story, spearheaded by Andrew Irvin, Project Officer for the Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport, is co-written by a founder of the regional Marshall Islands student anti-nuclear movement (MISA4thePacific), Danity Laukon, alongside members Wayne Kijiner and Sharla DeBrum; art by Nico Toran (Fair Enough, Night Wraith).

A cross-disciplinary exercise in creative exploration, Land of Danger makes room for questions and the opportunity to build skills through storytelling and cultural expression, from voices rooted in the experience of a nation facing existential threat. The campaign is also aimed to help amplify Marshallese voices beyond the Pacific Ocean to reach a broader global audience, and usher forth a new generation of Marshallese students from the College of the Marshall Islands.


The Marshall Islands were the site of the most devastating nuclear explosions in human history. Generations later, Alex Ikari, a young Marshallese woman, discovers the impacts of this nuclear legacy unlock for her a series of special abilities, which she puts to use solving cases around the world, trying to avoid attention from various global powers threatened by her actions as she helps her friends fight for justice and equity across the globe. A sci-fi detective romp from community to cosmic scale, Land of Danger represents a unique entry to the comics canon from a nation under existential threat.


MISA4thePacific, the Marshall Islands Student Association, a regional student anti-nuclear movement that raises awareness about the Marshall Islands nuclear history and the immediate dangers shared between the Pacific Islands through this past. The College of the Marshall Islands has been an independent higher education institution since 1993. To understand the principles underpinning its academic program, we can turn to the Marshallese proverb it utilizes as its motto; Jitdam̗ Kapeel, which means, “Seeking knowledge guarantees wisdom”.

Comparable titles include 100 Bullets, Paper Girls, Stumptown, and Genius, with content appropriate for younger teens up to adults. The Kickstarter for Land of Danger ends May 21st!

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