Kids Love Chains – An Interview with Donny Cates

With the launch of Spawn's Universe from Todd McFarlane, Jim Cheung, Stephen Segovia, and Marcio Takara and this month's King Spawn, readers are seeing the devil's favorite weapon glide to new heights and a rejuvenated interest that hasn't been seen since the debut of the first Spawn title almost 30 years ago.

King Spawn, which goes on sale on August 25, is written by Sean Lewis and McFarlane, with interior art by Javier Fernandez, Brett Booth, Philip Tan, Stephen Segovia, McFarlane, and Marcio Takara. The new Spawn spin-off ("Spawn-off?") has generated retail pre-orders of 497,000 copies to comic book stores, according to Todd McFarlane Productions.

As with most big releases comes the art of the variant cover. Writer Donny Cates was part of the original announcement of the expansion of the Spawn universe as he provided a cover for King Spawn that McFarlane himself inked and was colored by Dee Cunniffe, who is the colorist for Cates' and Geoff Darrow's Crossover at Image.

CBY spoke to Cates on the boyhood dream coming true, his love and admiration for McFarlane and why, oh why, kids love chains.